Deathrider1991 – EA’s sponsored troll of the day.

Aaaah, arguing about something you obviously know nothing about whilst simultaneously defending EA to the hilt, your loyalty is admirable . The true sign of an EA pet troll.

Seriously though, what is your purpose in life? And what is your purpose on the TS3 site? You’re flaming about something you know nothing about, sure signs of a bored, ignorant twat and yes, I took the bait.

This thread was started in the Mac forum:

Yep, another one of those threads with a topic we can only dream of actually happening (don’t buy their games anymore rosidbon, simple!). Of course, the thread was swiftly moved to Ideas & Feedback by a sadistic mod/guru who wanted an afternoon’s entertainment whilst they sat on their arse doing fuck all as usual.

The thread quickly turned into a Mac vs PC flame, with a few of the usual posters proving that they are unable to read a whole post in its entirety, only picking up on the minutia that suited them – PsychoMaster X, TheMomminator and Deathrider1991 being the usual culprits.

This page pretty much illustrates how the thread went rapidly downhill. After Deathrider told me too install Windows on my Mac I decided to ask him why he hadn’t bothered reading my post and link. If he had read it he would have known that I already have Windows installed on my Mac:

Allspice1232 was just as confused as me as to why Deathrider was telling me to wipe my hard drive in order to install Windows, a fact I decided to overlook, giving him the benefit of the doubt because he’s not a Mac user:

And then the ignorance really shone through in all its glory:

“I always found it easier to wipe the drive first” – What? What the fuck are you talking about? That’s not how Boot Camp works, that’s not how you install Windows on a Mac, you cretin. Oh, I forgot, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

“I read the link, however, I don’t give a ****” – Then why are you still arguing with me?? What is your point? I really hope you find this blog post so you can leave me a comment to explain exactly what your purpose was on the thread.

“I do think it’s funny that you blame the devs/EA for what Cider advertises though” – I do think it’s funny that you’re such a tool Deathrider. And again, on my link, I explain that Cider is licensed to EA. It is up to EA to use it to make the game Mac compatible, that involves supporting the Mac OS and fixing any problems that arise. Yes, Cider is crap, but EA decided to use it, they are responsible for maintaining it, patching it etc.

There really is no hope for some is there?

9 thoughts on “Deathrider1991 – EA’s sponsored troll of the day.

  1. I just finished reading thread.
    Momminator seems to enjoy making obscure comments that are pretty much veiled, insulting remarks, but when called on it, can hurriedly backtrack and tell you that she “didn’t mean it that way” or “you took it out of context” or whatever. I’ve noticed she does it a LOT, interwoven with the odd intelligent remark that actually doesn’t sound like she thinks you’re nothing but a nasty cockroach or the like. I wonder if she has had 30 years of experience with Macs? Otherwise she really doesn’t have all that much room to talk.
    I’m a little tired of condescending twits over on the EA boards, there really isn’t any need for it. As I commented the other day, there is a big difference between being blunt, outspoken and opinionated compared to just plain condescension and nastiness – and a lot of both go around on those boards, seemingly more often than not lately.


    1. Yeah, I think I’ve seen some of her posts before. I think the 30 years is referring to gaming isn’t it?

      The nastiness is so uncalled for. You can disagree with someone without being patronising and rude to them. Sadly EA seem to actively encourage it though by moving threads and not deleting them.


      1. WOW! I know nothing about a mac, hell, I know nothing about the computer I use! But, to go head to head with someone who knows what they are talking about, when I know nothing would be futile at best. What was he/she thinking? Damned if I know! Apparently he is incredibily stupid, or he would not have gone on with you since you have been so helpful to everyone with a mac, you know what you are talking about and you do the research. It is obvious that he has not seen a mac nevermind used one, he just wanted to be a “big shot” WHAT A JERK. Hold your head up you called him out on the jerk he is. GOOD FOR YOU! Jodi


        1. Lol, thanks Jodi 🙂 I don’t think I’ll ever understand why trolls and flamers do what they do. Boredom I should imagine? Cowardice at not being able to be the ‘big man’ in real life? Who knows.


  2. My phone won’t let me sign into my WordPress account, so I’m posting this as a guest.

    After deathrider changed their avatar, I realised why I recognized the name from. They are a retutning troll from October/November last year. The even trolled a friend of mine on TS3 site, Cyron43. I actually confronted them about that on the thread and their response was “fun times” *eyeroll*


  3. I don’t read posts by those idiots (and quite a few more you didn’t name) on the rare occasions I visit the threads on the officials. Life’s too short to bother with people who will write any old crap to get attention … especially when they think they can behave any way they like to those that don’t agree with them and then are offended if anyone calls them on it.


  4. I don’t even want to know why there are so many trolls over at TS3. Oh yeah, because EA NEVER ACTUALLY MODERATES THERE. And Bluebell, if you want, I’ll go over to the forums and bash Deathrider with a wet noodle 😆


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