Yay! Another ToS Violation

Nice to see, after my months of not being active on the forums, that my first post back gains me a ToS Violation for trolling:


This is the thread in question. As usual it was started over in the Mac forum and as usual some idiot (I’m guessing Nichaedemus) moved it to Ideas & Feedback. I swear this is only done to encourage the trolls to bash Macs for no other purpose other than their own perverted enjoyment, therefore making Nichaedemus or whichever EA pet moved it, responsible for encouraging trolling.

Nghtstr pointed out until he was blue in the face that TS3 works identically under Windows installed on a Mac, therefore proving that it isn’t the Mac, it is the shitty Cider wrapper for the Mac OS that is responsible. After 4 pages of utter drivel going backwards and forwards I posted the comment that got reported and subsequently deleted:

Not all this again. Let me try and catch up:

– A Mac user posts a thread in the Mac forum about the poor performance of TS3 on Macs.
– An EA pet, sorry, ‘moderator’, moves the post to Ideas & feedback because they get a kick out of watching a minority of bored, trolling, blood thirsty Windows users attacking Mac users for no other reason other than their own enjoyment.
– It is pointed out to said Windows users that the game runs as it should do (fps, smoothness etc.) on a Windows installation on a Mac. In fact it runs just as it does on a Windows machine. EXACTLY THE SAME.
– Said Windows users completely chose to ignore this vey simple, yet relevant, fact because it blows their whole “Macs aren’t gaming machines” argument out of the water.

For your own enjoyment please head over to the thread and have a little read, if you really have nothing else better to do with your life. Because the argument is still ongoing.

Suffice to say I have now given up completely. It’s a shame that a handful of Windows users can make themselves look so idiotic and stupid by demonstrating their own ignorance. So what if I use a Mac and not a PC? It’s personal choice isn’t it? And when you have facts laid bare in front of you, yet you still chose to ignore them because you can’t bare the fact that your Mac bashing argument has been blown out of the water, you’re only making yourselves look even more stupid and ignorant.

I love my Macs, you love your Alienwares/Dells/Sonys/Acers/HPs etc. Great, there’s nothing wrong with that so why try and make out there is?


15 thoughts on “Yay! Another ToS Violation

  1. Do people seriously still argue about that? Wtf is this 2010? >_> anyways sorry to hear EA’s still giving you a hard time, I hardly visit that place anymore myself…at least any other section that isn’t the stories and legacies hehe


  2. If the box says the game will run on a PC, I expect it to be properly ported to said PC; not a Mac game that was clumsily wrapped in pretty PC paper. I doubt there is even one windowsuser out there who disagrees with this, so how about cutting Mac gamers some slack, huh?

    Bashing mac users is about the dumbest thing PC players can do, because even if you dont care about others or you utterly despise macs (or macs just seem to dispise you, ahem *cough cough*), the owner is still a paying customer. And the more customers close their wallets, the less likely there is going to be a Sims 4 game for either platform in the future.

    Are people really this stupid?


    P.S. Its dangerous to go alone. Take this: http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/a7d4/?srp=6


    1. Yep, they are that stupid because the people coming out with the stupidest comments on that thread aren’t even bothering to read the posts properly. They clearly don’t understand the whole Cider and Boot Camp thing either. Nothing wrong with that, I wouldn’t expect them to because it’s a Mac issue. They just need to stop trolling and engage their brains before they jump on the boring Mac Vs PC argument. Fucking idiots 😀


  3. Lord, it hurt my head to read that thread. Such a shame that people refuse to understand the simple facts of the matter. This is another reason that I prefer trees to people. Going to cheer myself up with large G&T 😀


  4. *slowly puts head in hands, then shouts a number of expletives, then looks up again* What the hell? That is NOT trolling. That is STATING THE TRUTH. I’m sorry about the trouble with EA, Bluebell…we’re not having much luck, huh? (We is the Mac users…) And I’m going to yell out in the Mac forum. The Mac users are not being treated fair.


  5. Sorry about your “violation”.

    I got a a warning (according to them…my second—yeah, um I never got a warning for the first one)…that said I was “harassing” for posting a pic of Helena Bonham Carter gif looking confused (because that best described my reaction at the poster). Funny thing is, they removed my post, but kept the pic on anyone’s post that quoted me and agreed with the reaction.
    How was that harassing?! Did they even LOOK at the post being reported???

    It’s amazing what they will give warnings out and what they won’t. SMH.


    1. No need to apologise, I couldn’t care less. It’s actually my 3rd violation warning – they clearly can’t count either. I think Nichaedemus probabably spat his dummy out on this one 🙄


  6. It is a choice! Why is this an argument. The damn game does not play well on a PC, at least not mine anyway. Just got grandson a new tricked out gaming one from Lenovo, and the game plays not too much better there, takes longer to screw up that’s all. So I would say it is not the computer, the Mac it is the game!!!!! Anyway, why are they making fun of which computer you have? I just can’t figure that out. it’s like my 7th graders who make fun of certain types of sneakers because they are not the brand they have, Your computer choice should be just that; your computer choice. They need to give it a break. You are also correct, they really do not know what they are talking about the moderators, they move everything that they do not like to ideas and feedback, which makes me think that if you have an idea you would not want to post it there, as no one, not even EA is looking at it, thay should call it the dead post area, or I don;t want to hear so I put it here. It is all about egos not about the game. I understand the need for moderators, but the forum needs moderators to moderate the moderators. Silly bull-shit that is what it is. You keep letting them have it! Don’t give up, that’s what they want you to do, show them how stupid the moderators are. Don’t let the other Mac users down, you seem to be one of the few that know what they are talking about. If you do not give them the information who will? Nichaedemus? He does not know his way into a MAc.


      1. Bluebell,
        If you stay away from the forums think of all the misinformation th Mac users will get. They need you to point out the screwy stuff that is put out there. It’s not you it is them! Keep coming into the forums otherwise all the wonderful Mac users will get bad information and maybe mess up on an investment they made into a computer they chose. I think the forums are only as good as the moderators and it seems that the moderators here are setting a tone, and that should not be tolerated. What they wanr is for people like you to back down or back off so they can splew their rubbish and act like gods. Don;t let them do that.


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