ToS Violations – 2 more to add to the collection

These were emailed to me within one minute of each other. How is it possible to get two violation warnings for the same post (one in English and one in Portuguese)? And how does stating the truth – the problems IS caused by Cider and EA’s customer services department IS useless – constitute trolling? Not that I could give a flying fuck. My downloads are backed up and it’s only a matter of time before my accounts gets an outright ban. EA clearly have it in for me now. I find it really odd that after a couple of months or so of not posting, all of a sudden I get 3 ToS Violations within 48 hours. All of them linked to TS3 on Macs and all of them linked to a certain EA puppet moderator’s stomping grounds.

So after having helped get rid of the worst troll on their official forums, exposed how inept their internal customer support system is, shown them up for blatantly copying and pasting Mac support from MY website, and called out Nichaedemus for being completely useless when it comes to anything Mac, I suppose it was only a matter of time before they had enough of me………………. 😆


26 thoughts on “ToS Violations – 2 more to add to the collection

  1. The silliest thing about these particular TOS (one could say that TOSs are sent to you by tossers) is that that thread now makes no sense at all, because your post has been hidden. So the OP looks as thought she is talking to herself!

    Are you going to counter the TOS at all? I don’t see how answering someone’s specific questions can stand as a claim of trolling.


    1. Can’t be bothered to question it. If I get banned I get banned, it really doesn’t bother me. I barely play the game anymore anyway. I think I still have a couple of unused serial codes somewhere though 😉


  2. Have you heared about Rage Comics? You should make a (seperate) blog with nothing but funny rage comics about EA. You have more than enough material and with a bit of luck, it will become a giant internet hype. Lets see EA try to silence the complainers then, when the public eye is all over them.

    You could even let other people contribute. Youtube videos, ‘DO NOT WANT!’ lolcats, the ‘technologically impaired duck’ meme… anything goes as long as its funny. Why? Because

    A) more people will read it
    B) people will mail it to their friends.
    C) more people will join in with their own creations (snowball effect!)
    and D) Not even EA is stupid enough to publicly attack the ‘funny complainer’ because it would only make things worse for them. No sense of humor = death sentence for a game company.

    Being angry with EA hasn’t gotten us very far; lets try laughing at them instead. They’ll be completely defenseless. Remember ‘Dell Hell’? 😉


  3. Sounds like you made yourself some enemy/enemies. And as there is hardly any moderation going on in the Mac section, TMN may be right after all.


  4. Hon this is an outrage and I know just how you feel 😛 I too am on their shitlist or at least someones shitlist, because I supposedly got a non-existent warning besides the stupid one i did recieve for supposedly being off-topic in a KPT thread. Everyone read and re-read my supposed off-topic post and said it was dead on-topic, but it’s EA’s way or no way, we don’t have any rights to put EA in a negastive light even if it’s true it seems, so much for freedom of speech eh? So I was banned for 4 days just after 1 warning (well 2 according to them) for a totally separate issue which again I was just trying to help . Now the only way to not get warnings or bans is to bend over backwards and kiss their damn asses and sugar-coat all your posts to reflect EA in a GOD-like aura lol……………………NOT goanna happen!


  5. OMG Thalia has it spot on, Bell you certainly could do this with your eyes closed…no imagination my butt girl! You should do this seriously, I know tons of people wo would jump at the chance of adding to it 😛 Give it a shot, it could be a hit and if not oh well least you tried eh? certainly can’t lose 😛


  6. Bluebell, this is a game forum a stupid game forum, they have to feel big because they can. But, really, if this is all they have to do all day is moderate a game forum, that is pretty sad. I think you have this in prespective, that you do not care if they bann you, what are they banning you from? A stupid game forum. There are larger things in life to get upset about. The forums are pretty shitty, I only go to the ones that TMN site, and that you have sited and I read the general forum to see if I can help somewhere. I also love the “I arn’t too smart” post by Manwitch,( the one on the forums not the one that the “fans” are hyped up about). So I read that one. Basically, the rest is just bull-shit,
    There are groups of people on the forums that want to get back at people and want their 15 minutes of fame. You and AngelicEvil were the ones who saved the forum for them. They want to get rid of you because they can’t have their fame, if you are showing them for what they are. Really is sad that people like you cannot have the basic consideration of being able to speak what is your truth, and not be put down for it. I just make “safe” posts now, I actually do not say what I want to because it is just not worth it. I always complain about the customer service at EA I have made several posts about it, they have sent it to ideas and feedback to get rid of it, and they sent me one of those e-mails also. I in turn went to the Better Business Bureau about EA’s customer service, and I got a call from a rep there, he was all apologizing, and he said it would get better that was 2 years ago and 3 more complaints to the BBB. He calls or e-mails everytime, but, I figure that at least the BBB knows what is going on even if they can’t do anything, at least they have the complaints. I being a senior citizen (62) have a little leverage there to complain. The forums however, are a different story, they will not even touch that. Apparently when we go into the forums we are allowing ourselves the abuse that we get, the choice is to not go in I guess. How else would we fix our game? Certainly the help customer service won’t do that for us. EA has a big ego, so that is why the moderators have a big ego. I just wish there was some way to “shoot them down.” Ghandi did that just by being non-violent, he protested and people listened, because he was telling the truth. I put this situation in the Ghandi catagory, “If you are a majority of one, the truth is still the truth.” I also have another one, that I also go by, I think it pertains here: ” If the Japanese Samauri draws his sword, it must taste blood, if it does not taste blood, than he will have to die, so the Samauri does not take his commitments lightly. ” You have drawn your sword, now go for blood, or be like Ghandi and go the way of the truth, then draw your sword, and go for blood. Either way all I am saying is don’t let them win. You are bigger than that. Your heart is in the right place.


    1. Thank you 🙂 but there are loads of people helping on the Mac forum and pointing out EA’s shortcomings. I can’t believe the BBB are saying that about the forums. EA customer support actually encourage you to post on the forum because apparently someone will help?!


  7. I wonder how much of this is automated anyway: three people hit the report button and you’ll be warned for saying that the sky is blue and that white horses are usually white.


  8. *hugs* Bluebell, if you’d like, I could post a thread about this. These warns you’re getting are NOT FAIR. Especially since I posted a thread in the Mac section which beat EA as much as you do – which got deleted in about 30 seconds and I didn’t even get warned. The fuck? I guess EA dropped their artificial brains (that don’t give a damn about anything but money) somewhere. 🙄


  9. @ jimmysnan
    I think the problem is less that it is “just” a forum. Being banned from the forum also implies being banned from the services and this could mean being locked away from your digital purchases or if you play a game that requires you to log in being banned from playing. EA-wide.

    I doubt that this would lead to anything other than getting you on “The List”, too. And OT: I got a request from you. I don’t take part in this aspect of the official site, so if you receive a decline note, don’t be angry. Sorry!


  10. Hmm…actually, how likely do you think it is that EA are reporting your comments just so they can warn you, Bluebell? If that’s what’s happening, it honestly would not surprise me 🙄


  11. I really am truly sorry they’re treating you this way.

    People may be surprised to see me posting this, but I’d like to say that what a certain blog are saying is not true. I, Faith, etc have /nothing/ to do with this. And most members of a certain forum mentioned don’t even visit the officials anymore.
    I dunno how to say this in the least “advertising” way possible… but I explained it on my own blog. Too long to post in here.


  12. Don’t worry Callum, as I’ve already said I really couldn’t give a fuck who’s reporting me. If it’s an EA mod then I’m not surprised and if it’s trolls they’re proving that they can’t back up their stupid little arguments, resorting to reporting instead.


    1. Honestly, neither would surprise me. EA start actually trying to provide real support for Mac users and end up just making things worse, so they start using advice from the people who were already trying to help – they’re not gonna be happy when those people start complaining about it. They want everyone to follow *their* advice even if it’s taken from someone else, because if the advice is coming from someone else it makes them look worse.

      On the other hand, I can also see the trolls taking advantage of their crappy warning/reporting system to get at people. Hell, I could probably post a thread about what my Sims are having for dinner and get myself banned for trolling if I reported it enough. Interesting how a system that can be so effectively exploited and fooled has proven itself so ineffective at dealing with the real trolls **eyeroll**

      And the whole “you shouldn’t have bough a Mac if you wanted to play games/Sims” crap has always annoyed me. Some people already had Macs for other purposes and couldn’t afford to buy a PC just to play Sims. Some people prefer Macs altogether. It doesn’t really matter what the reason is for playing on a Mac; if EA advertises that the game works on Macs exactly as it should on Windows PCs, then it *should* work as well as it does on a Windows PC.


  13. As someone who’s used your blog and help to actually fix problems because no one at EA gives a flying crap, thank you *very* much. Don’t let this fuckery get to you, some people from CS just don’t like knowing nothing and offering shit advice to be upstaged by someone who’s done more for the community than they ever could.


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