EA encouraging reporting of external sites – seriously?

This is under the “About Me” section on a moderator’s My Page:

There’s more than enough flaming going on on your own forums EA – why don’t you concentrate on dealing with that first before encouraging members of your own forums to go round inspecting and reporting external Sims blogs? Does this mean that you’ve been stomping your feet with WordPress and Blogger and they’ve ignored you so you’re now encouraging mass reporting on external sites?

Here’a few tips from us bloggers:

– We moderate our blogs, sites and forums properly so no inappropriate content will be posted. If it is it’s normally removed within minutes rather than hours, days, weeks or even months.

– If content is not suitable for younger audiences there are disclaimers before you enter the site – I’ve visited plenty of Sims blogs where I have to agree that I’m not offended before continuing to the main blog.

– Fix problems with the game. If you listened to your players and read the thousands of threads pleading for help you wouldn’t have so many disgruntled customers.

– Instead of moving or deleting posts that you don’t like and sending violation warnings to the user, why don’t you address the issue head on? Don’t pretend you haven’t seen the post, you obviously have if you’ve moved it or deleted it. Ignorance is NOT bliss, especially if you’re in the business of making money which I assume you are?

– Speaking the truth, and backing it up with evidence, on an external blog/site is NOT flaming.

– In the big wide world most of us are lucky enough to exercise free speech, something which you clearly don’t like. It’s one thing being heavy handed on your own website, which you can get away with. But when you start trying to stifle external sites you’re only going to piss people off even more and fan the flames of a growing contingent of already unhappy end users.

I’ve just posted about this on another external site and received the following fab and funny response:

Yes, EA was all for SOPA but then quietly dropped their support:



Just Google EA SOPA for more reports.


EDIT – I need to point something out that’s painfully obvious. Just because EA and the moderator might find content on external blogs offensive, doesn’t mean that it IS offensive, it just means that they don’t like it or agree with it.

26 thoughts on “EA encouraging reporting of external sites – seriously?

  1. *facepalms* Sorry for repeating myself, but the fuck? In these cases, I think EA is more corrupt that the government is over here. I wish EA would pull their act together, shut the fuck up about reporting off-sites, and replace the feathers they stuffed in their heads when their artificial brains fell out of their ears with REAL brains. Idiots!! >:/ I mean, I’ve seen content that is actually HURTFUL and not just inappropriate (yeah, I emailed you about that in like May?) and THAT is what needs a report, but unless it’s hurtful and swearing and badmouthing someone, it should not be reported.


  2. I agree, criticism is not flaming. And judging by how the forums are moderated, I doubt they recognise what flaming is anyway. To your tips, I’d add …

    – Moderate your site fairly and evenly instead of pandering to the cliques and trouble-makers by banning the people they report because they don’t like them (EA are only selectively heavy-handed which annoys more people than if they were consistently heavy handed).


  3. Woohoo Bell, you go girl 😉 I cannot believe a moderator would stoop to this low of a level and still have his position. Unbelievable…but we are talking EA here aren’t we! So sad. They won’t be happy until they chase off all their long time fans and go belly up because that day is coming sonner than they think if they continue as they are.


  4. Wow! I am speechless, or wordless in this case. I am still sitting here saying WOW! Underhanded, sneaky, shitty tip. Where are they spewing this? What happens if you get tossed off the site? Do they come and string you up, I am ready to tell them off. I have a blog on wordpress, I have not been on it in a while, called helpimmelting@wordpress.com and I would like to copy your post there if that is OK with you.
    Let me know how you want me to do it and I will. I do not know how many people go on my site, as like I said I have not been there in a while. It is not actually a sims site, but it has a lot of things that I think about on it. Basically it was just for me to keep track of my thoughts, and add a few things to my genealogy pages. So let me know what you think. Jodi


  5. What a sad little stain in EA pants… you have to chuckle at him. Or throw a rotten egg… now when’s the next community day??

    In all seriousness though, does he REALLY think Blogger will give a rats backside about some EA bashing when there are blogs promoting some seriously messed up stuff like pornography, racism & general damaging ignoramus stuff.

    Sorry Nichadamus, you are really not as important as your peers would like you to believe. So stop making a twat of yourself… although it would be nice if you & yours could take some blimmin’ responsibility for all that porn posted on your FB page that no one botheres to delete.

    Bring it…


  6. I did not find the tip to be either friendly or helpful! It’s like when some busybody posts up an obnoxious diatribe about their trivial pet peeves and entitles it ‘polite notice’, as though giving it that label makes it so. EA should invest a little time in getting their own house in order before they worry about third parties.


  7. I laughed when I saw they included a report link for WordPress sites. This is clearly for the users complaining about TheMaresNest, without a doubt.


  8. Just wondering…Bluebell, do you think this is directed mostly at you? I mean, it’s pointing in that direction in my opinion:
    -The WordPress reporting link is the first link.
    -It says ‘flaming members of The Sims 3 community, EA employees’. (Who else bashes EA this much?)
    -It says ‘blog’. I know it could mean any blog, but really. Just seems a bit suspicious.

    I guess Nich wasn’t just sent to try and patrol the Mac boards, he was ordered by EA to make an attempt at taking down your blog too… 😆


  9. It’s totally awesome that Nich is encouraging people to report cyber-bullying blogs. Unfortunately WordPress won’t do a shittin’ thing about it. :/

    And the ones who say that ‘blog’ isn’t too bad, are obviously the ones never targeted by them.

    Maybe someday the other shoe will drop, and certain people will know how it feels to be harassed by a gossip blog. Until then, just keep on kissing TMN’s asshole. XD



    1. Anyone who takes TMN seriously needs their head examined. And frankly, if you behave like a fucking idiot online then you have to be prepared to be called on it, just like in real life.

      Nichaedemus has his head so far up EA’s arse. EA say jump and he responds how high.

      Do you honestly think he posted that because of cyber-bullying? Do you actually know what cyber-bullying is? If he cared about cyber-bullying he would have posted links to help people deal with harassment online. Can you honestly not see the real issue? EA and their shitty games get more negative press than positive but, unfortunately for them, they cannot control any sites outside of their own. They are encouraging others to report external blogs and sites because of the bad press they get. Luckily, free speech reigns. Produce quality games and look after your customers properly and there would be no need to encourage them to report external sites – kinda like encouraging kids to tittle-tattle isn’t it? Maybe you should read this blog entry of mine for proof of how they deal with the shit on their site:



      1. “Nichaedemus has his head so far up EA’s arse. EA say jump and he responds how high.”

        While his head is still stuck in there? Ouch!!! XD

        The mental images! Make them go away!


  10. OK, well to make a long story short, here’s the definition of empathy (’cause lots of you seem to be ignorant to the word’s meaning, and completely lacking of empathy… or perhaps your jealousy has gotten the better of ya)::

    “EMPATHY: the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner; also : the capacity for this.” << OR ability to even FEEL empathy/sympathy.

    You TMN fans could use a dose of… empathy. *shrugs* 'cause the only reason you're in lurve with TMN is because none of you have been shit on by them. BBF, you are one of their faves.

    Example: let's just say what if TMN wrote a craptastic article about YOU? Attempted to ruin your reputation, dug up personal, embarrassing stuff about you (like they did with Innuendo and TRR, among others)? They've even picked on the nicest simmers out there (Callum, who lost his CAW index due to fucktards from TMN and their pets). As for myself, they said I was 'shitting my pants' due to my anger over their calling me a 'shit stirrer'… they hated me 'cause I liked certain 'trolls'. But they blamed it on this: I bitched at Momminator due to her calling another simmer 'dumb'. Do you get what I'm saying here? At all? Really, I'd like to know how that's not cyber-bullying…? (And oh yes, TMN even wrote that I'd been 'shitting my pants lately').

    So anyhow, if the TMN writers posted that you've been 'shitting your pants lately' and called you a 'shit stirrer' because you called out a troll who called another simmer dumb, reported your posts on the MAC forum so you'd no longer feel wanted in that section (like Callum), and dug up personal, embarrassing information about you and posted that, you wouldn't be upset? Hmm?

    If you wouldn't be upset, BBF, then YOU are the one who needs YOUR head examined. M'K?

    Think about it.

    Holy shit, even AE/Vivid implied that the TMN writers are asswipes… remember that? It happened over the summer. :/

    Yes. I know what cyber-bullying is. And I also know that TMN likes to pick on those who've recently lost loved ones (as in, they DIED). Talk about having no conscience. 😦 And they picked on someone merely because AE was banned for arguing with some dude on The Simmer's Society. Then others wanted to leave the site (RFLong, another TMN pet. Do any of you have what's called a 'conscience' at all? Apparently the lady who runs TSS had recently lost someone very close to her. I read about it and felt very badly for her. You know? That thing called empathy, and sympathy? So sad those humane emotions are above you.

    If any of that isn't bullying, I don't know what is. 😦 So sad that the 'net is full of cesspool people who are nothing more than a waste of oxygen, vermin. *shrugs*

    I mean, come on. Can you possibly be that thick-headed? *tilts head in puzzlement, then slowly shakes head.*

    Well,believe what you want to believe. *shrugs* I don't give a fuck anymore. I am just thrilled that I do NOT know you people in real life. If I did, I wouldn't touch you with a hundred-foot pole.

    Another thing: a lack of conscience/empathy is the mindset of some psychopaths. 😉

    I know I'm also extremely mean. But only when you fuck with me first. I do not, and will not tolerate any cliquey garbage. Sorry.

    On another note, TMN has been 'mostly' nicer since WTM is gone. What a miracle. -___-

    You have a nice day.

    And to those dicks who wish to 'thumbs down' this post, go right ahead, non empathetic psychopaths. *shrugs*

    As for TMN calling me 'scum' from Simmering Sims, that was just another thing there were wrong about. 😆 😆

    You people who keep taking up for TMN have serious issues… truly.


    1. Yes, and before I even made the post about TMN, you were up my ass all the goddamn time for confronting you about your nasty attitude. Go the fuck away, you ignorant sack of shit. I’ve since pretty much left the simming community, so keep my fucking name out of your mouth.


  11. *they* were wrong about, I meant. Typo.

    Another clarification: I don’t care if people take up for TMN. What I hate are those who agree with TMN’s bullying tactics against innocent simmers who’ve done absolutely nothing wrong. And yet, if anyone trolls the forums (whom TMN likes) there’s never anything bad written about those people.

    That’s pretty nauseating as well.


  12. Umm, am I meant to know who you are in the Sims community? Because I really have no idea. And I couldn’t give a fuck whether TMN posted positive or negative comments about me, they can post what they like on their own blog, just like I can post what I like on mine.

    You seem to be feeling pretty victimised over something that has happened to you online. Whatever that is, its a mystery to me.

    And Innuendo, or whatever name he’s deciding to go by at the moment, has behaved appallingly in the past on the official forums. Again, if you behave like an idiot online then be prepared to be called out on it. I have no idea who you’re referring to when you mention TRR, sorry.

    I have always kept myself pretty much independent of any other sites. I’m a member of The Simmers Society still but haven’t posted over there for probably a year or so. Nothing personal as I’m friends on Facebook with a lot of TSS members, as I am with AE and other Simmers.

    Sorry, but I really have no idea who you are but from your comments it appears that you expect me to know exactly who you are?!


    1. I don’t know. Do you? Not that I care if you know who I am or not. :L

      Haha, I really do NOT think that TMN’s posted anything bad about you. Which I’m sure you well know.

      I’m no victim. I just hate cyber-bullies. And yeah, TMN has bullied me in the past, along with a few other nice simmers. And again, they like to fuck over people when they’re still grieving over the loss of loved ones. You know that old saying? ‘Kicking someone when they’re already down’. But people like you might not understand that, nor care.

      I just don’t want TMN to screw over anyone else, you know (empathy?). *sigh* I know that’s a terrible thought, that your fave blog could someday cease to exist due to karma. If only…

      I admit that Innuendo can sometimes be a pain. But what about the other simmers who haven’t deserved the bad rap that they’ve gotten from TMN? What about them? And there are plenty… again, Callum. He is a nice simmer, definitely not a troll, but TMN wouldn’t STFU about him either. :/

      As for being an idiot, TMN started their idiocy with me over the summer, so I called TMN out on it (akin to your statement: “if you behave like an idiot online then be prepared to be called out on it.”). There is no need for double standards here. Tired of repeating myself, but they hated me ’cause I liked Innuendo and TRR. So they started targeting me… not to play ‘victim’, but they started shit with me a lousy 5 months after my mom died of cancer (so yes there were some times I was taking it out on simmers). I was still traumatized from that, among other personal things I won’t mention. Similarly, TMN started shit with a certain simmer who’d lost a child only a couple months’ prior.

      Whomever writes that TMN garbage is surely going to hell. And I’m certainly NOT the only one who feels this way, trust me.

      Well all it boils down to is this: the TMN writers are assholes (better now since WTM fucked off) but yeah. I’m trying to explain that the Nich Guru had every right to post on his MyPage about blogs that flame other simmers/gurus. You were angry about that, correct? My opinion is that he was referring to TMN, and so I agreed with Nich that blogs like TMN should be reported for abuse.

      I only figured you knew who I was because of what happened during the summer, when I retaliated against TMN by making up a blog of my own (that poked fun of them). Plenty of other TMN pets knew who I was, and they ass-umed I was a troll. Also I had a run-in with AE, Paco, you name it. Then AE deleted her blog. But really? you have no clue who I am? >_> With all due respect, it seems to me you’re implying I’m a ‘nobody’ in the community, or that I’m just batshit crazy (which I am. I don’t give a shit). Really doesn’t make much sense that you don’t know who I am, but I guess I’ll take your word for it.

      Maybe it would help to give my S3.com persona name: TtnFn04. Ring any bells yet? LOL.

      And your statement: “Anyone who takes TMN seriously needs their head examined” was somewhat callous, considering if you were on their shit list and harassed, you’d change your tune.

      Right? And again, to feel pity for innocent simmers screwed over by TMN would be humane and empathetic.

      BTW here’s a quote from a site about cyber-bullying (since you seem to think TMN’s done nothing wrong, or shouldn’t take them seriously):

      “Cyberbullying is the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person. By definition, it occurs among young people. When an adult is involved, it may meet the definition of cyber-harassment or cyber-stalking, a crime that can have legal consequences and involve jail time.”

      TMN has used their blog to harass simmers (they would not shut up about a simmer named TanyaRubirose, look it up on their blog. They also posted very personal info about him, and even if Innuendo is a prick, it gives TMN no right to display details of his sex life on their blog. Yes, they did that. Total invasion of privacy). TMN embarrasses simmers (like… writing that one has been shitting their pants lately, making fun of simmers in general, like on their stories, and again, digging up personal embarrassing info about simmers).

      Their articles seem better now, but I’m sorry. TMN should be shut down for all the BS they’ve posted in the past. Period.

      If they get to the point where they’re bullying again, and pick the wrong person to target, what do you think is going to happen? I’ll let you think that one over.

      As for me, I’m bored now talking about it. Peace out.


      1. No, I still don’t know who you are although I recognise your TS3 name but not sure why. Why do you have such an obsession with TMN? If you don’t like their site then why read it? In case you haven’t already noticed (which I wouldn’t expect you to), I’m pretty much done with TS3 and have been for a few months now. And I haven’t read TMN in months, partly because I was finding it boring because I had no idea who the Simmers and sites were they were writing about – whose interested in something they know nothing about? And partly because I’ve drifted away from TS3, although I still visit the Mac forum occasionally and Seasons might fire up my interest again. And I’ve never been either a big advocate of TMN nor a hater, in fact I’ve always taken everything that I’ve read on their site with a pinch of salt. They’ve posted some stuff I agree with and some stuff I don’t, but it’s their opinions on their blog.

        And why do you find it so difficult to understand that I couldn’t give a damn about what others write about me on their own online sites? Seriously, I really, really couldn’t. Maybe you take things a bit personally, or maybe you shouldn’t reveal details of your private life online which others may use in posts about you. It would be lovely if everyone on the internet was a nice, trusting happy person but sadly they are not. Which is why I keep my real life and my online persona very, very separate. I never write about anything that’s happening to me in real life, or has happened, because I choose not to share with a bunch of strangers I’ve never met. You know nothing about me and I know nothing about you, on that basis it would be very unfair to judge you, don’t you think?


        1. *sigh* yes I’m obsessed with TMN (been hearing this horse shit since the summer). I have a life.I have a family, I have an autistic child, I home school my middle daughter, I write sims 3 stories, my house is about to be remodeled with new furniture, doors and carpeting, Christmas and Thanksgiving will soon be here and all the hassles that come with it… yet I have time to be obsessed with ‘net fuckwits. Okaaaaay. I’m not obsessed with them. I merely believe they should be shut down before they hurt someone who’s sensitive to bullying (like teens and such… again it’s called empathy to think about someone other than yourself). But whatever, you know?

          And just because you’re not bothered by what they say (which they don’t say anything negative about you, as you well know), does not mean that other people wouldn’t get upset. Surely that’s a no-brainer? And again, empathy, empathy, empathy. Sounds like all you care about is yourself, and since you don’t care what TMN says, no one else matters. But have fun being self-absorbed. I don’t give half a shit.

          And yet you totally contradict yourself by whining about Nichaedemus… and that time when you thought gurus or whomever were reporting your posts on the Mac thread, when you said “I really think someone is out to get me, my comments have disappeared” or something to that effect. But you don’t care what anyone says about you? Hmm. So yeah, it’s the very same thing that some people deal with regarding TMN, it’s just a hell of a lot more obvious. . They get talked about, harassed, etc., and they get upset…. just like YOU did when you thought someone was targeting you on the Mac forum. :/

          I already said I’m done talking about it. The subject is a bore now. And yeah, that really makes me obsessed with them, even though I’m bored talking about it.

          I don’t give a fuck less. I just don’t want anyone else to get hurt by them. Apparently you cannot understand that, or care.

          What-the-fuck-ever. 🙄

          P.S. You STILL don’t get it! I do not read TMN. I read them once or twice in the last 3 or 4 months! My only point is that they need to fuck off before someone gets HURT. Has your life really been so fucking perfect that you cannot grasp the possibility that something bad could happen? Like… a teenager who takes a TMN post so seriously that they try to hurt themselves? *newsflash* it’s happened before.

          But that’s ok. You don’t care what anyone says about you. Forget anyone else and their feelings.

          No I don’t know you, but wow you seem like an incredibly selfish person. And as for judging, true enough, However I’ve already been judged to death since last June. Guess by whom?

          Once again, PEACE OUT. You’ve had your say, I’ve had mine. We completely disagree about things, so may as well leave it at that or keep spinning in pointless, pathetic circles.Continue to believe what you wish. I’m going on with my life.


        2. BBF, I want to apologize for disrespecting you. I wrote some pretty rude things to you. Let’s just say I get really passionate/zealous about certain subjects and it’s hard for me to control my emotions… blah, blah.

          Anyhow, again I’m sorry for disrespecting you. You are a nice person and didn’t deserve that.

          Have a good week.


  13. Jesus fucking christ you have issues. I’ve just been googling you to find out who you are and all I find are abusive comments on others’ blogs and constant flaming on the officials. Oh and yes, a handful of posts on TMN about you which, to be honest I just glanced over because I’m just not that interested.

    So you were responsible for reporting me on one of the threads about EA’s disgraceful attitude towards Mac users? Wow, what exactly did you report me for? Having an opinion? Upsetting you because my posts were ever so slightly condescending?

    And as for whining about Nichaedemus, open your eyes and look at the bigger picture. He is representing EA, a global multi-billion dollar company, not some 2-bit gossiping blog. How utterly unprofessional. He should do himself a favour and not bother posting in the Mac forum because he’s only making himself look stupid when I know he does a lot of good for Windows users.

    And my ‘perfect’ life? You know fuck all about me, which is just the way I like it.


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