We can only help you if you try and help yourself

So Seasons has screwed up the game for loads of Mac users. What a surprise. But instead of just posting on a few threads people are whinging and moaning and stamping their feet on as many threads as they can start over on the officials.

Let me give you all a tip about posting problems on EA’s site, especially on the Mac forums which they regularly read but never bother posting on:

  • Keep your problems to a concise, small, relevant post. Don’t write a bloody long essay as to why YOU think your game isn’t working (you’re asking for help remember?) and how you’re going to single handedly destroy EA. No one’s really interested, that’s what having an external blog like this is for 😉
  • No one can help you unless you post the specifications of your Mac and your installed games. I’m very happy for you that you have a MacBook Pro/iMac etc. but which one do you have? Is it 5 years old or 5 days old? When we start threads asking for your specific specs. we mean it – stop being lazy!
  • There are many helpful people on the Mac forum who are trying to help you. They are starting help threads in order to get EA’s attention and to consolidate as much information as possible into one area so that EA might get off their arses and pay attention (unlikely I know but humour me). Post in these threads. Why do you think your problem which, by the way, loads of others are also experiencing, is more important than anyone else’s? Why do you feel the need to start your own thread which is just like everyone else’s? Just get over your own problem and post on one of the consolidated threads – ok?
  • The EA heroes employees who apparently look at the forums appear to be simple folk who, in between plugging new Store stuff and sticking their fingers in their ears singing “la la la” when people ask them a difficult question, have the attention span of a goldfish and really aren’t that interested in any of our problems, they’re only doing what their employer is telling them to do – ignore the stuff that may result in good customer service and just try and get more of our hard earned money. That is why posts need to be concise and to the point. You also run the risk of boring other community members with your inane drivel. No one is interested in your life story.
  • And remember, EA are reading the Mac forum. They’re not posting on it because they haven’t a clue what to do but they are deleting some of the more toxic threads which prove they’re looking at it (yep, they’re such a bunch of spineless cowards). And if you’re not careful Nichaedemus will start posting his usual links to his own threads in an attempt to look ‘official’.

So, with all that in mind and if you’re having problems since installing Seasons or the 1.42 patch, please can you post on the following threads:




And read the following helpful thread which Crystal_Zelda has taken the time to bother writing:


Oh, and one more thing. Just because you’re having problems doesn’t mean everyone else is. I’m loving Seasons and I’m playing on a Mac, as are many others.

5 thoughts on “We can only help you if you try and help yourself

  1. Well said, as always. I’m glad your Seasons is working OK, it gives me hope. I don’t have it yet, won’t till Christmas, but I’m reading the threads and trying to get to grips with likely problems and understand what’s going on. Some people really don’t help themselves and they don’t facilitate others helping them either. Enjoy your pixel snow 🙂


  2. First of all, I am extremely grateful I found this in my email. I havent bought seasons yet but I am planning to next week. Now i am a bit scared i dont want to have anu problems so ill back up now

    But seasons has really been the EP ive been waiting for, along with pets.

    I didnt install supernatural, i wasnt too interested, but will i have a problem if i install seasons? Ive installed all eps except supernatural and no stuff packs!!

    Hardly any CC either


  3. I think most folk just jump in with their grievance and only check for other similar thread after getting that urgent need out. Good to hear your Seasons is working fine 🙂


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