Right EA, you bunch of GUTLESS wonders – listen up Mac users!

I’ve upset you now because I asked why you always refer to Macs as MACS? As an obvious tongue in cheek post? Jesus christ, get a fucking sense of humour would you? I only asked innocently what MAC stands for as your supposed “help” service seems to think that it is an acronym rather than an abbreviation (and maybe that’s the problem with the game? That your developers are trying to make the game work on a platform that doesn’t exist?).

So EA, stop fucking around moving and deleting threads, yet again, from the Mac forum and have the courtesy of RESPONDING in threads instead, ok? That goes for all those Windows users who are crying out for help too, respond to their threads as well – it’s no secret that the game is a piss poor piece of crap and it’s a miracle that ANY of us can ever get it to work. Your supposed customer service drones direct people to the forums for help, what’s the point when no one from EA actually BOTHERS to help?

And Nichaedemus, I’m still waiting for your response:


Can I recommend that if you post in the Mac forum you put a disclaimer at the top of your thread stating that it originated in the Mac forum? Just an idea.

Two of my deleted threads:

11 thoughts on “Right EA, you bunch of GUTLESS wonders – listen up Mac users!

  1. I was waiting for this post because I was reading your “oh look my thread’s been moved” thread this afternoon when suddenly it was deleted. I’m sure they are just looking for threads that you start and then they delete them or move them into a forum where Mac and PC users will start arguing. There are plenty of other anti-EA posts that get left alone but yours are hastily swept away. It’s absurd.

    It must also be driving you nuts and making you very angry. Despite that I hope you’ll still stick around because some of us really appreciate how much you help in the Mac forum and your sharing of your knowledge of: Bootcamp etc has helped a lot of Mac simmers.

    As for EA’s moderators – down with them I say!


  2. Instead of helping prefer to create new scenarios. A new expansion coming in March. Instead of finding a solution to these assholes do not care! I’m really pissed off! On windows the game with the last expansion crashes ,instead without works fine. EA you suck!


  3. Okay, this is just getting ridiculous!

    Oh, wait – wasn’t it already ridiculous? More like fuck you EA ridiculous-osity. But really, Vivid is right – not surprising at all. 😐


  4. Oh, for goodness sake! This is just unreal! You would think with all the time they have to move and delete threads, they could at least comment! Users such as yourself, Crystal_Zelda, Caspin and many others cannot answer every problem on their own. It makes it even harder when some of the important threads get lost in the others from people who just do not know where to look.

    WE NEED STICKIES ON MAJOR THREADS! I don’t even know where to start after I wake up, come to work and start looking at the forums. It’s a downright mess.

    And this crap of sending threads to the I&F board really pisses me off. The PC users (and even other Mac users) just troll the threads and start unnecessary trouble. I already made a post about that on my blog because of my own thread being moved. Even in the Mac board, I see some users actually trying to defend EA about their “help” methods, which just crash and burn not only the game, but systems. Sometimes, I wonder if some “users” are actually Guru’s or Tech Support just being vindictive. Some of the comments are just downright spiteful and evil.

    I think we may need to organize the thread ourselves. People really need help but don’t know where to look or even begin. I say we make some solid posts, have someone constantly bump them and keep them up front.

    OK, rant done XD


  5. According to the lovely EA support chat…

    “We have a few million mac players and only a small fraction are reporting this type of issue, and with most of them it ( according to the posts they are making on the forums) is related to CC, and verified after removing the mods/CC it resolved the issue. “


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