Closing down

I thought this may happen…. 😦

The hosting for is up for renewal and the hosts want stupid money for me to renew it. As a consequence I’m going to move all the pages over here. Unfortunately it won’t happen overnight but I will try and get the Mac help pages over by the end of the day.

My website gets way more traffic than this blog, mainly to the Mac pages because there are so many links all over the interweb to them.

For now I’ve copied over the clean install and reinstall instructions. If you’ve linked to this page from my website please can you update to:

I’ll try and get the others copied over asap.


4 thoughts on “Closing down

  1. *sad face* But I like your website… 😦 Oh well, I suppose everything has to go at some point. Except for air. That doesn’t go. But that’s like virtually the only thing. Oh crap, am I going in another direction of comments?


  2. Money-grabbing fiends! That is a shame. We’ll all have to look out for and correct the links if we spot them.

    In other news, I saw that there is a SimGuruSteve in the Mac forum, saying that he will be looking into the Mac simming problems and trying to reproduce those problems. He does not sound optimistic about resolving anything any time soon though because all they can do, apparently, is collect data and hand to a ‘third party’, by which I presume he means the Cider people?

    I’ll still Bootcamp when my Windows 7 arrives. I’m not waiting any longer on EA to solve anything!


  3. I’ve been scared too: for MAC – users aren’t many informations and I’ve discovered Yours site only 5 min ago. In hope that You’ll not disappear at all I’m bookmarking this another site for giving a link at sad MAC – users. I’m on Win and I can’t help them.


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