The bonuses of being a Mac gamer…

… we get to see the Simcity cock up without having lost any money in the process – every cloud does have a silver lining!

Amazon Description

176 reviews with an average of 1 star. You’ve truly surpassed yourselves this time EA. Didn’t you have a similar problem with Fifa 13? It was on Watchdog twice and you tried to blame it on gamers’ routers? At least this time you’ve thrown your hands up and admitted it’s your fault.

This always online thing is so disappointing. Simcity is a sandbox single player game. Why does it have to be online? For multiplayer sure but no need for single player. Stop worrying about piracy so much EA. If your games are good enough most people will still be happy to pay for them. It’s tempting to download your games from torrent sites just to see if they actually work, the amount of crap you produce.

Nope, I’ll be avoiding Simcity until they patch it so you don’t need a connection to play. Which I should imagine will be never. Gutted.

Edit – my favourite online article about this crap. Sums it up in a nutshell:

5 thoughts on “The bonuses of being a Mac gamer…

  1. I do hope this debacle gives a little more attention to the Sims franchise completely. If SimCity was a wreck, hopefully the press will notice the issues with The Sims 3 and it’s issues. Someone needs to destroy their ivory tower and make them realize that they need to improve, or they are done for. That’s a lot of money they just lost, and they are going to lose more if they don’t pull their heads out of their asses.


  2. I feel bad for all the PC SimCity players (or non-players, given that the servers aren’t serving) but how nice that Mac players get a reprieve for once! What a terrible launch for what could have been a great game. They didn’t so much launch it as shove it off a cliff.

    All those terrible reviews on Amazon make good reading and friends who don’t play Sims/SimCity or in fact buy anything from EA have been forwarding me tweets about it because they know I’m loving seeing EA get so slated!

    Having said that, I was really looking forward to SimCity and am actually quite gutted about this whole sorry situation.



  3. “Running the regional simulation on our servers is something we also use to support features that will make this SimCity even more fun.”
    As they are supporting The Sims 3??
    “Golden Poo” for 2012, who will win this award for 2013?


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