How will EA respond to this?

Loving this article over at Consumerist:

4 Years After Launch, Sims 3 For Mac Still Sucks And EA Doesn’t Care

4 thoughts on “How will EA respond to this?

  1. Good stuff!

    It’ll be interesting to see whether they manage to sell any Mac versions of SimCity this summer. Between their ongoing disdain for Mac simmers and the complete cockerel-up made of the launch of SimCity for the PC gamers, I’m not inclined to part with a single penny!


  2. BlueBella, thank you for posting this. Keep up the good work you do. I don’t comment often, but I greatly appreciate everything you do for the Mac community.



  3. They’ll respond to it the same way they do to everything else.
    1. – Sweep it under the rug and ignore it
    2. Try to bribe everyone with free shinies and hope it distracts them.
    3. – Send Peter Moore out to blame it all on homophobes and people who hated the ME3 ending.

    All the while looking lovingly at their second consecutive golden crap award.


  4. Like they did last time: With a smart-ass comment and continuing their reign of crappy games. With the recent CEO being tossed out of the company, I’m wondering how long it will take for them to turn their crap around. I have yet to spend any money on the game (I got University, but I got it as a gift through a GameStop gift card), and I don’t plan to.


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