We’ll use Macs ‘cos they’re pretty but have no idea how to support them

The Sims 4 trailer. I can’t be bothered to link to it like most of the blogosphere have because frankly I thought it looked crap. I’ve never had any interest in Sims’ emotions or what they look like but I thought the building tools looked quite cool, especially being able to move a room. The graphics look great…………… for 2004.

No word yet on whether EA will produce a native version for Macs rather than the appalling Cider wrap they’ve used for TS3. I’m sure they probably will be but god we’ll be in trouble if they produce it themselves, rather than use a professional development company like Aspyr. We’ll have to see how they’ve managed with Simcity first.

At least EA seem to know how to turn a Mac on and use it for video chat, that’s a start:


That’s a screenshot from the official TS4 trailer. Actually, they probably got someone to Boot Camp it for them 😉


2 thoughts on “We’ll use Macs ‘cos they’re pretty but have no idea how to support them

  1. It’s quite unfortunate that until now Mac users experience perpetual system crashes when playing the Sims on PC. However, I would recommend installing the virtual machine software that allows you to have more than one operating system on your computer. This way, Mac users can switch to windows and play the Sims 4 and switch back to Mac for other uses.


    1. Actually Boot Camp performs a lot better than a VM because of the heavy GPU load. It’s a pain to have to restart every time but it’s a lot smoother and stable, plus you’re not dependant on the developer to bring out updated graphics drivers every time Apple update theirs. Hopefully TS4 will be native to OS X, as TS1 and TS2 were and we can wave goodbye to Cider 🙂


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