GTA Plate

My personalised Audi Obey plate:

San Andreas


Must go, heists to complete, cars to jack and people to shoot 😉

2 thoughts on “GTA Plate

  1. Hi Bluebell
    If you ever tear yourself away from GTA, could you possibly help me with a problem? I was delighted when the newest patch came out and I actually made a Sim in CAS for the first time in nearly 2 years. Then I found out that Mavericks made things even better, and having 10.6.8 I downloaded Mavericks. Started The Sims 3, get the launcher screen and the very beginning screen with the big plum bob, then black! Have to use the power button to power down.
    Thought that I would try all the old remedies with deleting the Preferences folder etc. but there is no Library in my home folder in Mavericks, I can’t find anything, so i have no strategy at all to try to troubleshoot. Any help, at any time, would be gratefully received. Thank you for your time.


    1. Click anywhere on the desktop so you’re in Finder – click on ‘Go’ and hold down Alt – your Library file will appear. It’s been hidden since Lion. Also, if you play in Windowed (CMD and Return) mode you can easily Force Quit TS3 rather than use the power button 🙂


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