People are stupid

Why can people not be bothered to spend a few minutes looking for an answer to their problem? Why can they not be bothered to read other posts which may be able to help them? Why is their problem so much more important than anyone else’s? Why do they think they are the only person to have that problem?

The Mac forum is, yet again, overrun by Simmers who cannot be bothered to help themselves. Over and over again they are asking the same questions. And over and over again they are being given the same information for troubleshooting and problem solving. Then they disappear, presumably with a working game because the majority never bother saying whether the solution worked or not. Until they experience another problem which, apparently, only affects them. And so the cycle begins again.

Do you know how I learn things? By researching and finding out for myself. Because no matter what the problem is, there will always be others with the same problem. And that means that there will be a discussion somewhere on ways to try and solve it. And most of the time you will find a solution.

Apart from when it comes to the Sims 3. You’re fucked. But a simple search will confirm this for you, so why bother posting about it?

14 thoughts on “People are stupid

  1. Mine is a trial and error ‘what works for me, and not necessarily others’ approach. One of the pieces of advice you gave (some time ago) about partitioning the Mac hard drive via Bootcamp. I did that – having thoroughly researched how to do it – and now TS3 works fine. Some of the expansions are inherently buggy, for both platforms, but at least the game no longer crashes. I’ve always found your advice a helpful addition to my own methods. So, a big thank you 🙂


  2. yeah in the age of instant information, its amazing how many people simply lack the will(?) to just google their problem, instead of bothering everyone and anyone who will listen to give them answers. google is usualy my first stop. only if i cannot find an answer anywhere, will i ask somebody


  3. Hey Bluebell!

    I admire you immensely for continuing to try to help in the Mac forum. I’d like to think I am very patient, but my blood pressure really starts to rise when I see people on that forum who Will Not Read, even when you have linked them to the exact solution for their problem. Short of going round to their house to do it for them, they cannot be helped.

    Crin was appealing on Twitter yesterday for Mac simmers to try to answer threads at Answer HQ. There are loads of unanswered threads there apparently. I said I’d try to look at it for an hour over the weekend but I don’t want to do more than that because I know it’ll be just like on the forum, with the same question again and again, or queries so vague as to be unanswerable.

    I expect I shall cut and paste some links to your help pages and then get out of there!

    Life’s too short and there are other pressing matters such as making risotto and working out how to populate Archipelago Bay 😀


  4. Couldn’t agree more Zeri and Caspin.

    I update my thread over at Answers HQ but I just don’t have the time or low enough blood pressure to be active on both boards. Poor Crin, she should just send them over to the officials. And I hate the forum set up over there.


  5. People are lazy. Very VERY lazy. I’ve noticed that more and more, particularly on the official boards. They continually want someone else to do the work for them, and the moment you point out how bloody lazy they are, or, you point them in the direction of google to try to TEACH them to help themselves, you get some bloody do-gooder enabler whining about how mean you are for not helping the poor precious lazy bastard who can’t be bothered to help themselves.

    It’s something that really irritates me to no end. I get sick of the cries of “oh but I am technologically challenged”, or “I’m an older person and I don’t know what to do”, or “I have no idea how to download mods”. I mean come on, how the hell do they think the rest of us learned? A magic scroll? A spellbook? No, we friggin well educated ourselves. No one taught me how to use a computer, or how to program anything. I learned from research, and if half of these twits on the EA forums got off their own asses, and stopped having people like Bluebell, Crinrict and blunote do the work for them, their pitiful little brains might learn a damned thing or two.
    /head explodes.


  6. AAAAAARGH. Fuckety fuck fucking fuck wank. I am so SICK of people not bothering to READ. Why the fuck do we waste our time writing great long posts when people can’t be bothered to read them and try out fixes WHICH WILL HELP THEM?????

    Sorry, but it’s making me really, REALLY angry.


  7. Well, first let me point out that in about… hrm…. five or six years time, you’re going to be going through this kind of thing on a daily basis 😉 LOL. You’re a parent, this is good practise for you! 😉

    Now, all jokes aside, again, it’s laziness. If I were you, I would respond to their post with a link to a main help thread, or whatever it is you guys have in the MAC forum, and leave it at that. I swear, half of these people want you to come to their house and fix their shit for them! They will never get anywhere if people continually indulge their uselessness and laziness.


  8. Lol, I can take it from kids because they don’t know any better 😉

    And that’s how we always respond. Amazingly sometimes the responses are “well I don’t have time to read all those pages, I want someone to answer me here”.


  9. Replies like that are why I stopped helping in the tech forum. Particularly the “I want help with this monster sim, but don’t tell me to uninstall my CC because I am too lazy.”

    That was an actual response once. I gave up after that. There is no helping those, who can’t help themselves.


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