What a wonderful world….


I’ve just downloaded Awesims Pounawea town. It is absolutely STUNNING. I didn’t download the CC stuff with the rugs etc. because as I’m sure my regular readers know, I never use any CC because it terrifies me. I’ve just loaded it up and am busy deleting all the lots so I can fill it with my own. Nothing personal but I want my lots throughout 🙂 I have had a sudden panic though because I’ve found a CC swamp grass with red flowery bits instead of white:


Do I delete them all or leave them? They’re not showing up in build/buy mode and when I select them with the hand tool the thumbnail shows the normal white swamp grass.

This really is a beautifully made world and I can’t wait to get back into it – bye bye!

8 thoughts on “What a wonderful world….

  1. I would see what happens in the game, if there is no problem leave it. If there is a problem take it out. If you do not have any cc and this is the only one than you know what’s causing it. In mine it would take 3 days to go through all the cc to try to find it. Good luck! I like the plant and I am in the process of checking out that world for download maybe.


  2. I just downloaded this the other day. I have been trying to place a dive Spot in the world but whatever i do it still makes the Sims swim slightly above water.


  3. A bit late to the party, I know, but I think that she just recoloured the basegame plant, i.e. it is not a separate object. Fagersim did something similar with the underwater plants in her Enekjaer and tea_and_blues’ (kiwi_tea’s) Riverblossom Hills has recoloured rabbithole buildings with custom paintings, too. It must be something that can be done in CAW, but I don’t know anything in addition to that.


    1. Snapdragon – how lovely to see you 🙂 It’s definitely a recolour as it doesn’t show up as a separate object. I’ve no idea how it’s done and as far as I’m aware can’t be done in CAW but I’ll look into it. If I select the plant in build/buy mode the thumbnail picture is of the normal white pampas grass.


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