Dick face is back


Almando Boochoon, a.k.a – Rud3bwoy, Rud3, Rud3Boy, ExcLusiv3, XcLusiv3, Rud3Bwoyz, Rudeboy – convicted software pirate and known scammer.

Just ignore him, if he bothers to stick around for any length of time. If you have no idea what I’m talking about take a look here or just Google him. He’ll probably turn up soon and leave some illiterate nonsense in the comments section so stay tuned!

14 thoughts on “Dick face is back

    1. You are a 29 year old man! And yet, you act like this. It is pitiful, I can’t find a singular word to describe you because even pathetic is above you. It’s freaking embarrassing to watch.


  1. Still only able to talk about his dick huh? Still unlikely to be getting any ever. Its amazing that a big bad man can talk such illiterate nonsense from behind a keyboard. How brave. Try talking like that to a woman’s face and you will get slapped hard. Get lost you misogynistic troll.


  2. No new material then? Just the same old same old. Still, I suppose it’s hard for him to formulate a coherent thought when he has less than one functioning brain cell.


  3. Bluebell I am worried, on this page of his, he is saying that he helped Hillcrest! “me and her was great friends i designed most of her houses on her studio at the time of her being around” I have taken a screenshot and I have reported the page. I would have let it go if he was just being an idiot in the forums, but this is sickening. The community can’t forget what he did to Hillcrest.


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    1. Yes I saw that too and had to say something. Posted a link to a thread from the old Jforum where he admitted to stealing all her work yet that was removed overnight I see and the scumbag has now re-posted his lies again.

      Original post link under the alias account of Rud3

      The official forum has sunk to a new low in allowing this person roam freely without any repercussions. It says a lot about the state of this game, this site, and the company behind it. No ethics or morals at all. *sigh*


      1. I honestly don’t understand how or why he keeps coming back. He must have some severe mental issues, I am leaning toward narcissistic personality disorder or maybe even a psychopath. But yes it speaks a lot about the forum, that they have let this emotionally stunted, criminal do this for so long.


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