Bedframe – SIMcredible Designs: Go Trendy
Bedding – Simsational Designs: Bayside Bedroom
Throw & Pillows – Onyx Sims: San Diego Bedroom

Chair – Simsational Designs: Hamptons Hideaway
Cushions – Simsational Designs: Myra Living (green) & Hamptons Hideaway (orange)

Sideboard & Clutter:
Sideboard – Simsational Designs: Hamptons Hideaway
Lamp – SIMcredible Designs: Alfazema
Pictures – Mutske: Kinlet Living
Vase & Bowl – Simsational Designs: Lennox Kitchen & Dining
Large Plant Vase – SIMcredible Designs: Gloss
Books & Small Plant – Soloriya: Sunny Living

Bookcase & Clutter:
Bookcase – Simsational Designs: Hamptons Hideaway
Books – Simsational Designs: Myra Living
Trinket Box – Simsational Designs: Hamptons Hideaway
Single Picture – Simsational Designs: Myra Living
Clustered Pictures – Mutske: Kinlet Living
Potted Cactus – SIMcredible Designs: Gardening Foyer Plants
Potted Cactus (small) – Soloriya: Home Office
Candle – Simsational Designs: Shielded Lamp

Windows – Simsational Designs: Graciously Georgian Build Set
Curtains – SIMcredible Designs: Screaming Retro
Rug – Simsational Designs: Patterned Jute Rugs
Flooring – Simsational Designs: Wood Slat Flooring

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