Origin Permission to install Helper Tool error

When attempting to install Origin a window pops up prompting the user to enter their user name and password to install a helper tool. Once entered the window keeps popping up in a never ending cycle, seemingly unable to verify the details:


As part of the installation process Origin requests permission to save a helper tool file in the Macintosh HD > Library > LaunchDaemons and Macintosh HD > Library > PrivilegedHelperTools folders (NOT the user ‘s Library folder). The user name and password information entered should be your Mac user account details, not your Origin user name and password. Your Mac user account must be an Administrator account to grant the permissions needed to save the files.

This was previously an issue for users running OS X Mountain Lion. It was a known bug and was fixed in a subsequent update to Origin.


  • Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups and make sure your user account is an Admin account. If it is not you need to ask whoever has control of the admin account to install Origin for you:

Mac User Accounts.png

  • Try the Terminal command posted in the Accepted Solution on the previous thread running for this issue – https://answers.ea.com/t5/Technical-Issues/Permission-Required-Helper-Tool-Error-Mac/m-p/4917270#M177378
  • Create a new admin user account on your Mac and see if you can successfully download and install Origin in that account.
  • Reinstall your operating system. This may seem extreme but you may have corrupted or missing files and permissions which could be causing this error.
  • If you have run any apps recently that claim to clean up your Mac of files you don’t need, please reinstall your operating system. These apps can be notoriously harmful and can remove files that they shouldn’t resulting in operating system instability. To reinstall your version of macOS simply open the App Store, download the OS and install it to your hard drive. Make sure you back up your Mac beforehand!

If you are still experiencing this issue please post in this thread over at AHQ. Before you post, please open the LaunchDaemons and PrivilegedHelperTools folders and check to see if the following files are there:

Macintosh HD > Library > LaunchDaemons > com.ea.origin.ESHelper.plist

Macintosh HD > Library > PrivilegedHelperTools > com.ea.origin.ESHelper

If they are not in the folders I have a possible fix – I have uploaded these files to SimFileShare, you can download them and add to the folders yourself. This is a temporary measure to test whether adding the files manually works.

Download the files here

Make sure that you put the correct file in the correct folder! Thanks to a user at AHQ, helentemple, we’ve worked out that you also need to change the permissions of the folders after placing the files in them: Once placed into the correct folders make the folders Read only – click on the folder once then hold down CMD and press i to bring up the info window. At the bottom click on the lock, enter your password, then change the system permissions from Read & Write to Read only. This should only be done temporarily for testing as the folders are crucial to installing apps on your Mac, make sure to revert back to Read & Write when done.

If you can successfully load Origin by following this method you will need to repeat the steps each time before loading it. Let’s hope EA can issue a patch to fix this!