Almando Boochoon aka Rud3bwoy aka Rud3 – one thick little twat

Has this guy really not got the message? He’s been busted for selling pirated Rosetta Stone software which, in his deluded little childish mind, is perfectly acceptable because the people he was selling it to knew it was pirated. And he’s now been caught out trying to sell on a reptile cage which he had yet to receive delivery of, whilst simultaneously trying to get a refund on his purchase for said cage from the original seller. There are other instances of his dodgy dealings all over the web, just google his name and you’ll find a wealth of information. Almando, you need help little boy.

I have re-published my previous posts about him (I hid them when I had a clear out and started moving away from The Sims 3). You can find them, in order, here:

And just to prove how much of a big, scary man he is, he left me this charming comment after the posts:

And he still has the following account over on the TS3 forums:

So be wary if you come across him on the forums.

Thank you The Mare’s Nest for again giving us all a jolly good giggle when it comes to infantile knob ends like Almando Boochoon.


Awww, bless

Do you think I may have upset someone?

They’ve very helpfully commented 3 times, just in case I missed it the first time. I decided to pixel out their IP address. Dammit, I forgot to cover up the email address too!

They also sent me a link to a .gif on imageshack, which I’m sure is probably very nice to look at but I suspect is probably porn/malware so I don’t think I’ll be clicking on it. But thank you kaka for taking the time to click on the plagiarist link I posted over at TS3 😉

BTW – I now know who this is. I had my suspicions and they have now been confirmed. Can you guess?


Oh you are so busted ExcLusiv3/XcLusiv3/Rud3Bwoyz/Rud3Boy/Rud3bwoy or whatever the hell your sodding name is. Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s Almando Boochoon.

A few of us were already looking into him but TMN beat us to it and boy, did they do it well. Have a lookie here.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, have a look at my posts from earlier today here, here and zoom in on the .jpeg here.

EDIT: If you look at his Steam profile the picture is of a girl sitting in a car (I have pixelated her face out because, let’s face it, would you want to be associated with him?):

But look at what Krisque has just sent me, a screenshot of his profile BEFORE this whole situation blew up so spectacularly in his face:

We all know it’s you Almando. You’re famous (or should that be infamous?)!

Thanks Krisque 😉

EDIT (again!): He’s now changed it back to himself. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?