Deathrider1991 – EA’s sponsored troll of the day.

Aaaah, arguing about something you obviously know nothing about whilst simultaneously defending EA to the hilt, your loyalty is admirable . The true sign of an EA pet troll.

Seriously though, what is your purpose in life? And what is your purpose on the TS3 site? You’re flaming about something you know nothing about, sure signs of a bored, ignorant twat and yes, I took the bait.

This thread was started in the Mac forum:

Yep, another one of those threads with a topic we can only dream of actually happening (don’t buy their games anymore rosidbon, simple!). Of course, the thread was swiftly moved to Ideas & Feedback by a sadistic mod/guru who wanted an afternoon’s entertainment whilst they sat on their arse doing fuck all as usual.

The thread quickly turned into a Mac vs PC flame, with a few of the usual posters proving that they are unable to read a whole post in its entirety, only picking up on the minutia that suited them – PsychoMaster X, TheMomminator and Deathrider1991 being the usual culprits.

This page pretty much illustrates how the thread went rapidly downhill. After Deathrider told me too install Windows on my Mac I decided to ask him why he hadn’t bothered reading my post and link. If he had read it he would have known that I already have Windows installed on my Mac:

Allspice1232 was just as confused as me as to why Deathrider was telling me to wipe my hard drive in order to install Windows, a fact I decided to overlook, giving him the benefit of the doubt because he’s not a Mac user:

And then the ignorance really shone through in all its glory:

“I always found it easier to wipe the drive first” – What? What the fuck are you talking about? That’s not how Boot Camp works, that’s not how you install Windows on a Mac, you cretin. Oh, I forgot, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

“I read the link, however, I don’t give a ****” – Then why are you still arguing with me?? What is your point? I really hope you find this blog post so you can leave me a comment to explain exactly what your purpose was on the thread.

“I do think it’s funny that you blame the devs/EA for what Cider advertises though” – I do think it’s funny that you’re such a tool Deathrider. And again, on my link, I explain that Cider is licensed to EA. It is up to EA to use it to make the game Mac compatible, that involves supporting the Mac OS and fixing any problems that arise. Yes, Cider is crap, but EA decided to use it, they are responsible for maintaining it, patching it etc.

There really is no hope for some is there?

Forum police are out in force

Seriously, they’re still around? Jumped up Simmers dictating what we can and can’t post? I know that the moderators and gurus seem to disappear to la-la land over weekends but honestly, are you self appointed forum police traffic wardens in real life?

After my little rant about SimGuruPopTwat’s typo yesterday, I decided to be a bit mischievous and start a thread over on the forum:

Obviously heavily dripping in sarcasm but pointing out that someone working for EA really should know better and at least proofread what they have written. Most sane people seem to have understood my tongue in cheek approach to admonishing a guru but no, apparently some have no sense of humour or have their heads so far up EA’s arse they are incapable of seeing both sides of the coin.

All I could think of to respond was this:

So for those of you who seem to be having a problem with understanding my thread, let me simplify it for you:

  • I couldn’t give a toss whether a guru is able to string a sentence together or not.
  • did you not notice the sly dig at EA’s apparent direction for The Sims – “Because the game is really being pushed towards children and teenagers now”
  • a blatant dig at how so many threads are moved to Ideas & Feedback for no apparent reason, yet others aren’t when they damn well should be – “Sorry, should have posted this in Ideas & Feedback instead of General Discussion. I’m fully expecting it to be moved there at the earliest opportunity”
  • another blatant dig at how inept the moderators and gurus are on the forums, especially at weekends – “thank the moderators for being so diligent in taking care of erroneous threads”

I mean, how much clearer do I have to make it?

SimGuruPopTwat is illiterate

I am so bored right now but thought I’d share this little funny with you, dear reader:

“Subscribe to our official channel and leave comment” 

Leave A comment PopTwat, A comment. You represent EA, at least try and make an effort. If only to set an example for the little kiddies that you’re so desperately trying to bleed dry of any money that they or their parents have.

Looks like EA have been raiding the desperation bin again too, judging by the crap they’ve unearthed from some old cupboard. Who the fuck would want a Sims Medieval t-shirt?

Have a great weekend everyone 😀