Al Fresco Sleeping WCIF

Tumblr link for original picture can be found here.

  1. Dreamteamsims Mari B Le Corbusier thonet chair
  2. Dreamteamsims Mari Mango books
  3. Mio-sims cactus
  4. CallieV-Plays Neutral Bed Set pillows
  5. Simsational Designs Mid-century Abode bedding
  6. Onyx Sims Spetses Bedroom Set bed frame and lights
  7. Dreamteamsims Leaning picture
  8. Dreamteamsims Anye’s steel chair
  9. Simsational Designs Atwood Living medium tea lights
  10. Simsational Designs Lennox Kitchen mug
  11. Mxims Marshall Hanwell speaker
  12. Simphony4 Rustic Spring glass jar with daisies
  13. MXIMS Rustic tray table

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