No install option in Origin for Sims 3 for Mac

Only applicable to the 32-bit version of the Sims 3

Sometimes, after downloading a Sims 3 Expansion or Stuff Pack in Origin, the external installer will not automatically open. Furthermore, you will only get the option to download the Pack again in Origin, not to install it. If this happens do not bother clicking the download button in Origin again as the pack is already downloaded, you just need to locate it and open it.

For this example let’s pretend I’m trying to download and install Ambitions:

  1. Open Origin, select your Games Library, click on the Sims 3 then the Extra Content tab and locate Ambitions. Next click on the Download button and follow any prompts about the disk space it will use. Ambitions should start downloading. During the download process the only option you should get in the orange button is to pause the download. You should also see a little window showing the download process: 
  2. When it has finished downloading the orange button should change to Install, you should get a dialogue window with your product code to copy, and the external game installer should automatically open. If you’re reading this then probably none of those three things has happened and instead you’re seeing this:  The Download button is still showing but the little window is showing that the download is complete.
  3. We now need to locate the game installer manually. In Origin, click on Origin > Preferences in the menu bar (next to the Apple icon, top left of your desktop). Now click on Installs & Saves in the Origin window, then Browse installers
  4. The DownloadCache Finder window will open and you will see the folder(s) containing the game installer(s): 
  5. Double click on the file ending in .dmg to open the installer (ignore the other file ending in .map). Your Mac will verify the installer:  then launch the installer:  Double click on the Installer button as usual and follow the prompts to install.
  6. If you see a Game Validation Error message like this:  you can ignore it as your game is at a more recent patch level than the pack is expecting, just hit Install.
  7. After the installation is complete go back to your Origin Games Library and locate the pack you’ve just installed, it should now show as installed: 

After finally getting your packs downloaded and installed you may experience further issues, notably some packs not showing up as installed in the Launcher and a constant Unknown Error message when trying to launch the game. For further information and help on those issues please read the following links:

Ambitions/Fast Lane/Late Night/Outdoor Living add on packs not showing as installed in the Launcher or Sims 3 Applications folder.

Unknown Error message related to macOS El Capitan/Sierra and Ambitions/Fast Lane/LateNight/Outdoor Living

If you don’t have your product codes you need to contact EA customer support.