Sims 3 Mac bugs

Only applicable to the 32-bit version of the Sims 3

Below is a list of the Mac bugs that I currently know of in the Sims 3. Some have definite solutions, some have potential workarounds, and others currently render the game unplayable. If I know of a solution or workaround I have posted the link. Please feel free to leave a comment  if you think there’s a bug I’ve missed or know of a solution to any of those listed – thanks!

Issue: “Disc Authentication Failure No game disc found! Please insert The Sims™ 3 … game disc before proceeding” 
Solution: This can be solved by playing the digital version of the game rather than the disc version. Please follow these instructions

Issue: No product code showing in Origin so I cannot install the game
Solution: Contact EA customer support for your product codes –

Issue: Cannot update my game through the Launcher
Solution: Download and install the patch manually. Full instructions here.

Issue: Cannot start the process when the game is running. Please quit the game and try again”
Solution: This is apparent on Macs with unsupported graphics cards. Please read this page for instructions on how to use Activity Monitor to successfully quit the processes. Once you have quit all relevant processes you need to edit the game’s graphics card files. Links are provided in the aforementioned page.

Issue: Game will not load past the blue launch screen with green Plumbob
Solution: Check to see if your Mac is one of the ones listed on this page. This is a common symptom on the newer Macs as they are not supported in the game. This problem could also be due to conflicting or outdated Mods/CC. Remove your CC/Mods and try loading the game again. If it loads then gradually add your CC/Mods back in until you find the culprit.

Issue: Graphics are rainbow coloured and glitching

  • If you have a post-2013 Mac please check this page to see if it has an unsupported graphics card.
  • Turn down your graphics options in game. Ideally, go into Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 and trash the Options.ini file. When you relaunch your game the graphics settings will be set to the default settings which the game determines based on your hardware.
  • Remove any Mods/CC you have installed.

Issue: ‘Unknown Error’ message
Solution: This can be for many different reasons. Set up a new user account on your Mac and try playing in that account. If you are running El Capitan or later and are attempting to play Late Night/Ambitions/Fast Lane/Outdoor Living then please try the fix linked here.


4 thoughts on “Sims 3 Mac bugs

  1. I used to no be able to even open sims on my Mac and on of you solution helped do so much! Now I have a tiny problem, every time I go into my sims 3 the entire map is grey! If I go to a house or on a lot it’s normal I can see everything but if I go to the map it’s grey. Is there a solution for this?


    1. sorry about the first sentence lol ***I used to not be able to even open sims on my Mac and because of your solutions i am now able to thank you so so much!**


  2. Hello! My game crashes within 10-20 minutes of playing. I make the screen smaller in hopes of shutting the game down but it makes my whole screen black and keeps repeating noises – so I have to do a hard shut down of my Mac. I have tried some of your fixes short of uninstalling expansion packs and doing boot camp. I can’t find the discs for my expansion packs – can I uninstall without them? Do you think getting rid of some would help? Thanks!


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