Archipelago Bay now available for upload.

I’ve finished testing Archipelago Bay and it’s playing so nice and smoothly – the benefits of having no roads or sidewalks.

Archipelago Bay Cover

Download Link –

There are 16 Residential and 12 Commercial empty Lots (apart from the Dive Spot which is built and fully functional). The world is built on a 512×512 map and is fully landscaped and painted. To see the world as it is in these pictures you will need all EPs, bar Showtime. I also used the Mesquite Shrubbery from Lucky Palms and the Birds of Paradise from Sunlit Tides.

Archipelago Bay Aerial

There are spawners from all EPs apart from Showtime so your Sim can really go to town on those collections.

I really hope you like this world as much as I do. It may take a bit of work to build the Lots you need but I wanted this to be a blank canvas so the user can decide how they want to play this tiny little map – enjoy!



7 thoughts on “Archipelago Bay now available for upload.

  1. Yaaaaaaay, a beautiful world without ShitTime. I’m so excited ! It’s been so long since I had a lovely new player made world thanks to that stupid EP. *hugs Bluebell* Thanks!


  2. It’s gorgeous! The colours are amazing and I know it will run like a dream.

    Going to have many hours of fun building on those lots (or will become impatient to play and just plonk down a bunch of yours)!

    And “hear hear” to no Shitetime inclusions. I don’t have that or Generations.

    So looking forward to playing this! 😀


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