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Huckleberry Bay – Uploaded!

Never has a world taken me so long to finish, test and upload. It’s not a complicated world but for some reason it was just constantly failing at exporting. After removing the dcdb0.dbc file from the DCCache folder it finally exported.

You can find Huckleberry Bay in My Studio here:


I have to give a MASSIVE thank you to Caspin who spent a month or so play testing it for me. She’s been an absolute star and spent hours going through everything, picking up on the issues I missed – Thanks Caspin!

The world uses Store content including rabbit holes from EA’s worlds. Not all community lots are included but you could always place more if you like to have them in your game. Included are:

  • Consignment Store – custom built
  • Diner and Grocery Store – rabbit hole from Monte Vista
  • Playground – custom built
  • Beach – assigned lot but not built
  • Theatre – rabbit hole from Appaloosa Plains
  • Spa – rabbit hole from Monte Vista
  • Library – custom built
  • Nectary and Sim Fu – combined on one lot for skill building (available as a separate download due to harvestables not transferring)
  • Bookshop – rabbit hole from Twinbrook
  • Hangout – custom built
  • City Hall – rabbit hole from Dragon Valley
  • Police – rabbit hole from Lucky Palms
  • School – rabbit hole from Town Life
  • Hospital and Science Lab – rabbit hole from Moonlight Falls

Huckleberry Bay is a 512×512 world. It has 32 Residential Lots and 15 Commercial Lots.

Some things you should know about this world –

  • It is not populated.
  • Most of the lots are tiny. Really tiny. 6×8 tiny in some cases. But there are some bigger ones. And you could always knock down the hospital or school if you wanted to build a block of flats. Basements became my best friend in a couple of the tiny lots.
  • Some built houses are empty and some are only furnished with the basics for the game to automatically populate them. Others are of course fully furnished and decorated. Most are one bedroom and one bathroom.
  • There is absolutely NO 3rd party CC in the world. I play a completely vanilla game, with the exception of EA Store content.
  • It’s been fully tested but we’re only human so may have missed the odd thing.

And finally some pictures:


I hope you enjoy this world as much as I did making it 🙂