Error Fixes

Only applicable to the 32-bit version of the game

Sims 3 – How to bypass the Launcher

Bypassing the Launcher can help with the memory issues Mac users encounter when trying to play Sims 3, including the dreaded Unknown Error message and Debug error message. Read more…

Sims 3 Packs not showing as installed – workaround

If your installed Expansion and Stuff Packs aren’t showing as installed in your Applications > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 folder and you are receiving the Unknown Error message then you need to follow the instructions below to get your packs working properly. Read more…

Fix for incompatible graphics for The Sims 3 on Mac

If you have one of the following Macs the chances are The Sims 3 doesn’t work for you. You can probably load the Launcher but the game gets stuck on the blue screen with the green plumbob. This is because your graphics card is newer than the game and isn’t included in the game files. We’ve now come up with a fix which should work. Read more…

Sims 3 Unknown Error fix

This is the biggest Mac/Sims 3 issue at the moment, apart from the unsupported graphics cardsissue which EA STILL haven’t fixed after nearly 4 years. Read more…

Cannot start the process when the game is running – Sims 3 error on Mac

If you are experiencing the following error “Cannot start the process when the game is running. Please quit the game and try again” you are most likely on a Mac with unsupported graphics for The Sims 3.  Read more…

Disc Authorization Failure

If you are suffering from one of the Disc Authorization Failure error messages with The Sims 3 it could be for a few different reasons. Read more…

Resetting RAM (also known as purging RAM)

If you suffer from frequent crashes/lagging/hanging in game this may be because your Mac is running out of RAM whilst you’re playing. You need to free some of it up and you can easily do this whilst you’re playing.  Read more…

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