Kitchen to Bedroom WCIF

Tumblr link for original picture can be found here.

  1. MINC Clarity windows
  2. SIMcredible Green Time hanging plant
  3. Viikiita Tropical Liquid Soap
  4. TheNumbersWoman Shabby Chic folded blankets
  5. MINC I Series built in dishwasher
  6. MINC I Series sink A
  7. MXIMS Vanity Towel
  8. Sjamboksim Concrete walls
  9. Simsational Designs Graciously Georgian arches
  10. MINC Fake Arches
  11. Dreamteamsims Mari Boston art picture
  12. Lulu265 Lincoln Office desk lamp
  13. MXIMS IKEA Vittsjo desk
  14. Slox Dimanche Living pouf
  15. Pralinesims Sheep Rug 7
  16. Bedding recolour by me
  17. Simsational Designs Shaker Kitchen counters
  18. MXIMS SMEG fridge
  19. ITSEVEYSIMS Paint your walls white! wall colour

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