Breakfast in Bed WCIF

Tumblr link for original picture can be found here.

  1. MXIMS 11″ MacBook Air
  2. My own pillows recolour
  3. My own large cushion recolour
  4. My own small cushion recolour
  5. Simsational Designs Mid-Century Abode bedframe 02
  6. Meinkatz Lean Wall lamp
  7. Simsational Designs Painted Brick Walls 01
  8. SIMcredible Nature In serving set
  9. Wondymoon Cadmium bed tray
  10. Soloriya Sunny Morning bowl
  11. Simsational Designs Lennox kitchen mug
  12. Symphony no. 4 Rustic Spring glass jar with daisies
  13. My own bedding recolours
  14. Mio-sims Teen plant
  15. Simsational Designs Hamptons Hideaway cutaway chair
  16. MXIMS Tray Table
  17. Viikiita Tropical Hand Cream Down
  18. My own pot recolour
  19. TheNumbersWoman Shabby Chic folded blankets
  20. ANBS Beolit15
  21. Ung999 Indigo curtains
  22. Around The Sims 4 Build Your Own Clutter plant

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