Serenity Guest Bedroom WCIF


Tumblr link for original picture can be found here.

  1. Onyx Sims Gaza Stitch carpeting
  2. Simsational Designs Hamptons Hideaway tripod floor lamp
  3. Minc7878 Silhouette curtains
  4. Simsational Designs Graciously Georgian Build Set windows
  5. Dreamteamsims Bathroom Decor reed diffuser
  6. Simsational Designs Bayside Bedroom Set end table
  7. Around the Sims Build Your Clutter pencil pot and pencils
  8. Onyx Sims Rustic bathroom rug
  9. Ung999 Color Living books 5
  10. Dreamteamsims Mari Bathroom Joe Malone candle
  11. Ung999 Color Living books 4
  12. Mio-sims (Mangosims) Raphel plant
  13. Simsational Designs Lennox Kitchen mug
  14. Mutske Ashmore Living blue pillows
  15. Onyx Sims Spetses Bedroom Set bed frame and lights
  16. CallieV-Plays Neutral Bed Set pillows
  17. Wondymoon Zinc Bedroom bed blanket
  18. Dreamteamsims Mari Bathroom Aesop pump
  19. Dreamteamsims milk bottle empty
  20. Soloriya Sunny Morning bowl
  21. Simsational Designs Hamptons Hideaway coffee table
  22. Dreamteamsims Mustlovecatz wire basket
  23. Dreamteamsims Anye spatulas
  24. Simsational Designs Hamptons Getaway folded stackable towel
  25. SanoySims MS91 Orama bathroom brush
  26. SIMcredible Serene Hues basket
  27. Simsational Designs Hamptons Hideaway Verre candlesticks
  28. Dreamteamsims White Oncidium Orchid
  29. Simsational Designs Wooden Slat walls

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