The Sims 4 Mac Help

The Sims 4 – Minimum and Recommended System Requirements for Mac

Minimum and recommended system requirements. Read more…

Storing Sims 4 saves in the cloud and playing on multiple computers

Over on the Sims 4 Mac forum Oblongaman has posted a very helpful and nifty link for Mac users who want to play the same saved game on multiple Macs: Read more…

How to install The Sims 4 on a Mac

The only way to get The Sims 4 for Mac is to download it through Origin.  If you already have the PC version through Origin the Mac version will also be available to you at no extra cost. If you have bought the PC version on disc no problem, simply install Origin, enter your product code and the Mac version will be available to you to download (more detailed instructions can be found here). Read more…

How to uninstall The Sims 4 on a Mac

Uninstalling The Sims 4 on a Mac is really easy because of Origin. Firstly open Origin and click on My Games. Then navigate to The Sims 4, right click (or hold down CTRL and click) on the game and select Uninstall. Read more…

Tips for playing The Sims 4 on a Mac

This list isn’t exhaustive and if you have any tips I have left out , please feel free to leave a comment and I will add them, giving you credit of course. Read more…

Sims 4 Cheat Console not opening

Using the cheat console is exactly the same on a Mac as it is in Windows. Hold down CTRL, Shift and C. Whereas we normally substitute the CMD key for the CTRL key, this is not the case in The Sims 4 (or The Sims 3).  If this is not working for you check your keyboard configuration in System Preferences > Keyboard > Modifier Keys and Input Sources. Read more…

itsaprilXD’s How to install Mods on a Mac Guide – The Sims 4

Once again the fabulous itsaprilXD has written a very easy to follow guide on installing Mods on a Mac, this time for The Sims 4. Read more…

Automatically deleting Sims 4 Gallery cache files

Ever noticed that the cache folder in your Documents > Electronic Arts > Sims 4 folder gets swamped with small .jpg files after you’ve played your game? That’s because the game has downloaded thumbnails of Gallery items into the cache folder for faster loading. Whilst they’re not very big files individually, once you have enough of them they can soon mount up and clog up precious disk space on your Mac. Read more…


2 thoughts on “The Sims 4 Mac Help

  1. Is there a way to delete an Ep, Sp in Sims 4 I can’t seem to find any information on it. Thanks I dont’ want to delete the whole game just some EP’s. I have an iMac.


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