How to uninstall Origin on a Mac

There is no uninstaller app for EA’s Origin client so you must remove it manually, making sure you delete all residual files.

  • Open your Applications folder and drag the Origin app to the Trash, together with any shortcuts left behind in the Dock or on the Desktop.
  • Now make sure you’re in Finder, click on Go in the menu bar and hold down the Alt (Option) key. Your Library folder should now appear in the dropdown menu:
  • Click on the Library folder to open it then navigate to the following files and folders and move them to the Trash (only remove the files in red):
    • Application Support > Origin
    • Caches > Origin
    • Caches > com.ea.Origin
    • Preferences > com.ea.Origin.plist
    • Saved Application State > com.ea.Origin.savedState
  • Now open a Finder window and click on your Macintosh HD in the left hand side under Devices. If it’s not there click on Finder in the menu bar then Preferences. Select the Sidebar tab and make sure Hard Disks is ticked under Devices. You can also find it by entering Macintosh HD into Spotlight (or whatever the name of your HD is if you’ve changed it). Navigate to and trash the following files in red:
    • Library > Origin
    • Library > Application Support > Origin
    • Library > LaunchDaemons > com.ea.origin.ESHelper.plist
    • Library > PrivilegedHelperTools > com.ea.origin.ESHelper
  • Empty your Trash and restart your Mac. All traces of Origin should have now been removed from your Mac. You could securely empty the trash to make sure the files are really gone forever.

16 thoughts on “How to uninstall Origin on a Mac

      1. Alana

        My problem with this is that I have a MAC with SIERRA on it, and it doesn’t have some of
        Those folders you described. Thoughts?


  1. Sam Sullivan

    So recently, I was updated my TS4 in Origin, but it froze on me, including my whole computer (a MacBook Pro). So I had to shut down my computer in the not-so-best way. When I reopened everything, Origin wouldn’t start. The icon itself is basically invisible, with the exception for the very tip of the orange flame. I tried to uninstall Origin, but it says that file(s) are missing and so I can’t uninstall it. What can I do?


  2. Natasha

    Hi when i try to empty my trash it says com.ea.origin.plist is in use. I dont know what to do im trying to get rid of origin but i cant delete that one file thing please helo me if you know what to do .


  3. Alana

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled Origin, and TS3, and installed in order. I still get the “an unknown error has occurred”

    I don’t know what else to do.



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