Sims 4 cheat console not opening

Using the cheat console is exactly the same on a Mac as it is in Windows. Hold down CTRL, Shift and C. Whereas we normally substitute the CMD key for the CTRL key, this is not the case in The Sims 4 (or The Sims 3).  If this is not working for you check your keyboard configuration in System Preferences > Keyboard > Modifier Keys and Input Sources. The cheat console is coded into the game, there is no reason why it shouldn’t work unless the user has changed some settings or has software installed which may be conflicting with the keyboard settings. Check whether your CTRL key is faulty or broken. If all else fails:

  • Try plugging in or bluetoothing another keyboard to your Mac. You may have a broken CTRL key(s).
  • Check for 3rd party software that has changed the keyboard mapping, e.g. – screenshot software or video capture software.
  • 3rd party software that is conflicting with the game. Close down any other apps that are running.
  • User changes to the modifer keys in System Preferences. Has someone used your Mac under your user account and changed something without you knowing? Go into System Preferences > Keyboard > Modifier Keys and set another key as the CTRL key
  • The Input Source in System Preferences > Keyboard has been changed to a different language. You could also try adding another language to see if this resolves the issue.

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