Using Automator to remove characters from Sims 4 CC filenames on a Mac

I recently removed all the filename characters (e.g. – #, [, ], &, @) from the copious amounts of CC I’ve downloaded for my game. As a result my game is now running much more smoothly and lag free. I used Automator to do this as editing each individual filename would have taken forever. Automator is an app built into your Mac’s operating system so no need for any extra downloading. It’s really useful and I’ve used it a couple of times before – automatically deleting cache files from the Sims 4 folder and also to automatically move screenshots to another folder so they don’t clog up my Sims 4 folder.

If you’d like to use Automator to remove the characters from your filenames you don’t even have to set up your own Workflow. I’ve done the work for you so all you have to do is add the files then run the command (download link after the instructions below). Firstly, here’s how it works:

Here’s a picture of some CC files in my Mods folder. You can see that the filenames all have characters in them which I want to get rid of:

When you double click the Automator workflow I’ve uploaded you’ll see the following:

Ignore the two columns on the left for now. On the right the top window – Get Specified Finder Items – is where you add the files you want to remove the characters from. Each individual window below – Rename Finder Items: Replace Text – has a unique character in the Find box which tells the workflow what to remove from the filename. The first one looks blank but it actually has a space in it which is the most common character used in filenames. The second has the closing square bracket. Scrolling down you’ll find further windows for [, -, @, #, _, ‘.

Now we’re going to tell the workflow where the files are we want to rename. You can do this two ways – drag the files from your Mods folder into the top window, or click on the Add… button in the top window and select the files:


As you can see my files are now listed in the top window. All we have to do now is click on the Run button in the top right corner of the Automator window and all the characters will be removed:

And that’s it. The files haven’t moved from your Mods folder, they’ve just been renamed. When you want to repeat the action just select the files you added in the top window and click Remove then add the files you want to rename. If you have a character in a file name which I haven’t included in the workflow just click on Rename Finder Items in the middle column and drag it into the right hand column, making sure to drop it below the top window. Choose Replace Text from the dropdown menu and type the character into the Find box.

Download – Click here to download this workflow (no dodgy pay sites, just my SimFileShare account 🙂 )

I have also converted this workflow into an Application which makes it even easier to run. Instead of doing all of the above, you just drag and drop the files onto the App once you’ve downloaded it.

Click here to download the workflow as an Application.

Feel free to ask any questions below and I hope you find this useful 🙂


2 thoughts on “Using Automator to remove characters from Sims 4 CC filenames on a Mac

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