Using Automator to remove characters from Sims 4 CC filenames on a Mac

I recently removed all the filename characters (e.g. – #, [, ], &, @) from the copious amounts of CC I’ve downloaded for my game. As a result my game is now running much more smoothly and lag free. I used Automator to do this as editing each individual filename would have taken forever. Automator is an app built into your Mac’s operating system so no need for any extra downloading. It’s really useful and I’ve used it a couple of times before – automatically deleting cache files from the Sims 4 folder and also to automatically move screenshots to another folder so they don’t clog up my Sims 4 folder.

This page originally had instructions on how to create the Automator workflow/app yourself but to make things easier I’ve uploaded the app I created to my SimFileShare so all you have to do is download it and it’s ready to use:

  1. Download the app here then unzip it and place in your Applications folder. For good measure you could add it to your Dock as well for super easy access.
  2. Depending on your Gatekeeper settings you may have to go into System Preferences > Security & Privacy and allow the app to run on your Mac because I’m not a signed developer with Apple (don’t worry, my app is perfectly safe to use).
  3. When you want to remove any unwanted characters from the filenames simply drag the files to the app and bingo, they’re gone!


Feel free to ask any questions below and I hope you find this useful 🙂


12 thoughts on “Using Automator to remove characters from Sims 4 CC filenames on a Mac

  1. Hello! I am guessing this is very useful. (I still have to download it) I am on a Mac laptop and I am concerned with how much space this app would take up. Also, do you know how much space the characters take up on a Mac computer and does it really make the game run smoother? Lastly, where does the folder with all my screenshots go? Will it go in documents or on my desktop.

    Thanks so much! 💕


    1. Hi, it’s 1.9Mb – tiny! It doesn’t make a massive difference to your game but mine definitely ran smoother and I apply it to all CC I download now. I have over 5Gb of CC though so I should imagine with a large amount of CC you will notice the difference more. This app only removes the characters from filenames but you can use Automator to create the folder action to move the screenshots, it’s very simple to use. Just google how to use Automator 🙂


  2. I know you said this is for mac, however is there a version for windows or will the download link you provided work on windows?


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