Sims 4 Mac bugs

Game Launch issues

Live Mode


  • Pixelated and grey/distorted menus and UI. Possible fixes available. More details…

10 thoughts on “Sims 4 Mac bugs

  1. Hello,

    Do you know how to solve the problem of houses disappearing but sims remaining? This is on Mac. Not all houses have disappeared but in some locations they have. My daughter is devastated that all her hard work has gone up in smoke!


  2. him my Game screen is shrunk into one corner i try to delete the but doesn’t work and i don’t have text edit how do i solve this?


  3. I cant open my game everytime i add mods it shows “open as administrator if its the first time you run the game. Make sure origin isnt running” my game is not original its fit girl repack. if you know anything how i could fix that it would be great


  4. So this is weird. I got into live mode and tried to change my sims outfit. It was sooooo glitchy Idk what to do it’s not crashing my game but making my mac work really hard then it used to when I played. This happened when they put out the StarWars game pack today.


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