Sims 4 Mac bugs

Below is a list of the Mac bugs that I currently know of in the Sims 4. Some have definite solutions, some have potential workarounds, and others currently render the game unplayable. If I know of a solution or workaround I have posted the link. Please feel free to leave a comment  if you think there’s a bug I’ve missed or know of a solution to any of those listed – thanks!

Issue: Cannot play The Sims 4 since updating to El Capitan/Sierra
No solution: This is a known issue which EA are aware of. It affects Macs with specific NVIDIA graphics cards. For a full list of affected Macs please read this regularly updated thread. If you’re really desperate to play consider installing OS X Yosemite on an external drive and booting your Mac into it. You can then install the game in Yosemite where it will work. SimGuruModSquad has suggested updating the NVIDIA drivers manually. I’ve written a guide here if you want to give it a go. It does seem to be fixing the issue for some.

Issue: Game screen is shrunk into one corner
Solution: Go into Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 and trash the Options.ini file. Try launching the game again. If it’s still not working right click on the Options.ini file in the same location, choose Open With… then TextEdit. Scroll down to where it says fullscreen = 1 and change the 1 to 0 (that’s zero). Your game should now launch in windowed mode. You can also toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode by pressing CTRL, CMD and F.

Issue: Greyed out or opaque windows
Solution: This typically happens when Laptop Mode has been enabled in the graphics options in-game. Disabling Laptop Mode should make the windows clear again but may cause the game to lag if the graphics are set too high for a lower spec. Mac. If the game will not launch after disabling Laptop Mode go into Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 and trash the Options.ini file. This will be recreated when you next launch the game and the graphics settings will be back to default.

Issue: UI controls are missing, distorted or pixelated
Solution: Play in windowed mode and/or toggle Edge Smoothing a couple of times.

Issue: My Sims look shiny and glowing
Solution: This is specific to certain pieces of CC, it is NOT apparent in a CC free game (aliens are differently shiny 🙂 ). There is an ongoing thread on the official forum here. Remove all CC then add it back in piece by piece until you find the culprit.

Issue: Cannot open the cheat console
Solution: This is mistakenly posted as a bug when it isn’t. There are several reasons why the cheat console may not open in your game. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Try plugging in or bluetoothing another keyboard to your Mac. You may have a broken CTRL key(s).
  • Check for 3rd party software that has changed the keyboard mapping, e.g. – screenshot software or video capture software.
  • 3rd party software that is conflicting with the game. Close down any other apps that are running.
  • User changes to the modifer keys in System Preferences. Has someone used your Mac under your user account and changed something without you knowing? Go into System Preferences > Keyboard > Modifier Keys and set another key as the CTRL key
  • The Input Source in System Preferences > Keyboard has been changed to a different language. You could also try adding another language to see if this resolves the issue.

Issue: Photos taken with the in-game phone or camera are black
Solution: This affects users with Retina Macs. Go into the in game graphics options and disable the retina setting.

Fixed Bugs

Issue: Cannot connect to the Gallery – Fixed in the April 2016 patch
Possible solution: This is normally due to a massive amount of CC (2,000+) in your Mods folder. Remove your CC and see if you can connect to the gallery. If you can, and you desperately need your CC in game, cull it down to below 2,000 pieces (thanks to Gottesfrende for confirming the amount of CC). EA are aware and working on a fix.

Issue: Edge scrolling does not properly work in full screen mode – Fixed in the April 2016 patch
Solution: This has been an issue ever since the game was launched and seems to be a confliction with the full screen option in OS X. Play in windowed mode to utilise edge scrolling.


8 thoughts on “Sims 4 Mac bugs

  1. Hello,

    Do you know how to solve the problem of houses disappearing but sims remaining? This is on Mac. Not all houses have disappeared but in some locations they have. My daughter is devastated that all her hard work has gone up in smoke!


  2. him my Game screen is shrunk into one corner i try to delete the but doesn’t work and i don’t have text edit how do i solve this?


  3. I cant open my game everytime i add mods it shows “open as administrator if its the first time you run the game. Make sure origin isnt running” my game is not original its fit girl repack. if you know anything how i could fix that it would be great


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