Changing your sim’s plumbob colour

Bored with the usual green plumbob? Want your plumbob to be a nice shade of blue? How about a translucent pink? Maybe black when your sim’s needs are rock bottom? Previously you had to delve into the game files and change the Default.ini file. Since patch 1.66 you can edit this file within your Sims 4 > ConfigOverride folder, once you’ve made a copy of it.

  1. Make a copy of the Default.ini file in your Sims 4 folder. Instructions here on how to locate it.
  2. Open the Default.ini file using TextEdit
  3. We are going to change the values under [PlumBob]
    1. playeractivecolor = 0.43, 0.78, 0.12, 1.00 # green This is the colour of the normal plumbob:
      1. 0.43, 0.78, 0.12 are RGB values
      2. 1.00 is translucency
      3. # green is the colour name
    2. I am going to change the colour to Amaranth pink with 75% translucency and am using this wiki page as my source for the RGB values. The values are R=95%, G=61%, B=73% so the line should now look like this  and in-game the plumbob should now look like this
    3. You don’t need to change the colour name but I like to for reference. If you want to keep the translucency between motive states you must change the translucency values for the remaining three colours, by default red, orange and yellow, so all states are the same translucency.
  4. You can also change the motive state colours from red, orange and yellow to whatever you would like by using the same method.

Colour resources with names:–F–M–Z