Disable Origin in-game

Having Origin enabled in-game has always caused issues on Macs. As well as causing lagging issues it can also cause your game to not load, something which seems to be becoming more frequent amongst players. Read more…

No install option in Origin for Sims 3 for Mac (only applicable to the 32-bit version of the Sims 3)

Sometimes, after downloading a Sims 3 Expansion or Stuff Pack in Origin, the external installer will not automatically open. Furthermore, you will only get the option to download the Pack again in Origin, not to install it. Read more…

Registering a product code in Origin

Redeeming a product code for an EA game is very easy. You’ll need to do this for a variety of reasons. Read more…

The Sims 4 & Origin – How to disable automatic updates and startup on a Mac

If you have CC/Mods installed in your game it is essential that you move them out of the Sims 4 folder before updating your game. To make sure you are not caught out by automatic updates, before you have a chance to move out your CC/Mods, you need to turn them off. Read more…

How to uninstall Origin on a Mac

There is no uninstaller app for EA’s Origin client so you must remove it manually, making sure you delete all residual files. Read more…

Origin Permission Helper Tool error message on Mac

Some Mac users are experiencing the following error message when trying to install and run Origin. Read more…

Sims 3 Expansion Packs not installing through Origin

A current issue which seems to be cropping up more frequently is users trying to download and install a Sims 3 Expansion Pack through Origin but cannot because Origin thinks it is already installed. Read more…


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