Editing the Sims 4 minimum camera position in Live Camera Mode

Last year I discovered a superb video by Penapple explaining how to change the camera pitch so the upper levels could be accurately shown from basements in live camera mode (Tab key). Currently the default game setting stops the camera at ground level; if you have an open basement you have to go down to that level then enter live camera mode but the levels above are just a black void. By simply changing a number in the VideoCamera.ini file we can change this. Confused? Let me explain:

This is an open basement room. When we enter live camera mode it looks great. We can see inside the basement and the surrounding area but the camera stops at ground level.

If we exit live camera mode, go down a level into the basement then re-enable it, we cannot see above ground, there is just a black void where the surrounding area should be.

But we want it to look like this:

I’ve edited the VideoCamera.ini file so that now, in live camera mode when you press and hold down the Q key to lower the camera, it has gone past ground level and is down in the basement. We can now see all the surrounding area above the basement.

Penapple’s video is great but it shows instructions for Windows users, accessing the VideoCamera.ini file is different on a Mac. If you want to do this on a Mac, follow the instructions below. I also uploaded a quick video showing how easy it is:

  1. Right click/CTRL click on the Sims 4 game in your Applications folder and select Show Package Contents.
  2. Open the Contents folder then the res folder.
  3. Double click the VideoCamera.ini file, it should open automatically in TextEdit. If it doesn’t open automatically right click/CTRL click on it and select Open With… then choose TextEdit.
  4. Find the line MinPosHeight and change the value from 0.2 to -5.
  5. Close the file, it should save automatically.
  6. Remember to edit this file again after repairing or patching your game as it is reset to the default setting.

You should really watch Penapple’s video too as she goes into much more detail about the changes this setting makes:


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