Registering a product code in Origin

Redeeming a product code for an EA game is very easy. You’ll need to do this for a variety of reasons:

  • You’re switching platforms from Windows to Mac or Mac to Windows
  • You’re running Windows in Boot Camp or a VM on your Mac and want your games on both operating systems
  • Your disc drive is broken
  • You have a computer that doesn’t have a disc drive
  • Your discs are scratched
  • You’ve bought a Windows only physical copy of a game but the Mac version is available in Origin

Here’s what you do:

  1. Open Origin, you can download it from hereand log in with your Origin/EA account details.
  2. Click on Games in the menu bar then Redeem Product Code – redeem-product-code
  3. In the pop up window enter your product code. There’s even simple instructions on where to find the product code in case you’re a bit lost – origin-code-screen
  4. Once you’ve registered the code the game should now show up in your games library. You can now download it.

Please note:

  • You should always use the same Origin/EA account details to log in and register your games. Games are tied to the user, not the computer. If you cannot see previous purchases made through Origin check that you have used the right login details. If you have multiple user accounts and want to consolidate them you have to contact EA customer service.
  • If the game is greyed out in your games library it usually means that the game is not available on your operating system.
  • If your Expansion/Stuff/Game Packs are not immediately visible in your games library, right click (CTRL and click) on the game and select Show Game Details – origin-packsthen click the Extra Content tab.

44 thoughts on “Registering a product code in Origin

  1. Mely


    I’m sadly having the same problem as everyone here.
    I’m getting the notification “we are unable to verify that your disc is a valid copy of The Sims 3 Please contact customer service.”
    I just downloaded Origin again and logged in. I typed in my product numbers and then nothing happened. I did not get an email or a download button is anywhere.
    I tried this now for hours and i’m kinda in a bad mood now.
    What can I do?
    I uninstalled my expansion packs and my normal Sims 3 disc and installed it again.
    It didn’t work anyways. I tried to put the Sims 3 folder out of the Electronic arts folder and put it on my desktop. – did not work either.
    I logged in into the Sims 3 site and registered my Sims 3 game.
    Tried again and of course it didn’t work.
    What is happening here. How can I fix it?
    I bought this game years ago and the last 2 years i got busy with life and wanted to play again now. I played yesterday without any problems and today i can’t open it anymore?
    I checked my Disk utility and everything is fine.

    Can you please help me?

    I’m having an iMac OSX 10.9


    1. BluebellFlora Post author

      The games should be showing up in your games library in Origin – are they not? You then click on the base game to install it. To see your EPs and SPs you hover your cursor over the base game in your games library and click ‘i’.


  2. Mely

    Yes. When I click on it, it shows me a grey site where it says :

    Supported Platforms
    Last Played Date
    November 27, 2015
    Added to My Library
    October 8, 2012
    Product Code

    and now?


  3. Mely

    but when I wanna download the EP through Origin then it wants me to pay ? Is that normal? Do i have to buy it again?
    I’m sorry for all these question..
    Thank you for helping me 🙂


    1. BluebellFlora Post author

      You redeem the product code in Origin that came with the disc. The game will then show up in your games library when you click on the ‘i’ All the relevant links are in the article 🙂


  4. Mely

    I tried to uninstall the EP and now my Mac says “You can’t open the application “The Sims 3 Uninstaller” because it may be damaged or incomplete” oh man.. how can i now uninstall it?


  5. Mely

    I did 🙂 It took me awhile to get all the Sims 3 EP files deleted but it worked.
    I’m downloading it through Origin now.
    Having just one more question ^^ If I now wanna buy new clothes or furniture on this Sims 3 site, how do I get this into the game?
    Thanks so much for helping me 🙂


  6. Colin

    i uninstalled my expansion pack “into the future” and then tried to redeem my code in Origin, however Origin is giving me a red error message that my code has already been used


  7. thatgirlfromadelaide

    Bluebellflora you’re blog is amazing! Has helped me so much in the past 24 hours… currently loading the digital copy of season s to see if it stops the stupid disk authorisation thing go away… wondering though, can you play ts3 while a game is still downloading?


  8. Milla

    Okay, so I have a sims 3 disc and generations disc and ambitions disc. For some reason it started saying no disc found, so I followed your blog and uninstalled the games, deleted all the com.transgaming stuff etc.. and I go to download them on origin and it says code already used? When I bought the game it was probably 3 years back and I don’t think I had to log into origin to install a disc game, so I don’t understand why it isn’t working. Please answer me back asap, as I am trying to fix it for my sister’s birthday! x Also, if you want to say that i need to log into the same origin account, even if I did, I don’t know what the origin account was! 🙂


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  10. Izziegj

    hi, i followed the instructions to find the serial code but if you bought the game in a shop and lost the manual, would i have to repurchase the EP again?


  11. Liv

    Hey! i installed the sims 3 on my macbook with the latest version on the mac! with an USB Super drive. i installed the game! But when i click Play and after the video and downloading page. when you get to the Town. it stands i have to set the disc in. But its already inn.. i also tried with what you wrote here with the origin with add new game and putted the code in. i got the thing that a lot here has gotten with the code is already used. but do you have any idea why it says CD is missing when its in all the time. BTW i have never used Origin on old computers to registrering the sims and not EA eighter.


  12. Emilee

    when i click games under it is ‘Redeem product code…’ like the picture above but it doesnt allow me to click it. I dont know if i is a problem with origin online because it doesnt allow me to login in to origin online.


    1. BluebellFlora Post author

      You have to be logged in to redeem a code as it is tied to your account. What do you mean it doesn’t allow you to log in, what error message are you getting?


  13. Devin

    Hi I’m having the same issues It didn’t give me this problem 2 years ago (last I played) now I have el captain and I cannot find a way through this. IT let me play today then i saved and quit but back to saying no disc found. I tried to redeem code but it said the code already registered but the sims 3 university life is in my games library so what do I do? I’m afraid if i uninstall the sims I will lose my save. Please help I just want to play the game I miss it so much ;/


  14. cddragon99

    Yes, I uninstalled into the future EP. Click on game in Library, says ” show me where your game is located in your computer for a short cut. Can’t I deleted it. So I reinstalled it. Clicked on game in Library, it opens in the dock. Game opens, l click arrow and get no disc again. In a loop, I don’t think that the digital copy ever downloaded. It simply will not give me the installer. The EP Into the Future is not in the download cache. It’s supernatural EP. That’s where I am at.


  15. Allanah

    Hi, when i download origin onto my computer, as the sims 4 instructions say to, it will tell me to open applications (i have a mac by the way) but when i open applications there is nothing there? please help



    I installed The Sims 3 on my mac. Since few months : the disc issue, it says there’s no disc. OK well fine, i go on Origin, add a new game and put the product code. But, it says This code has already been used. NO WAY LMAO OF COURSE IT HAS ALREADY BEEN USED or how did i played before????? I can not play to this game anymore that’s really sad please help me :’-(



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