New Sims 3 update for Mac users

Only applicable to the 32-bit version of the Sims 3

EA have today made an update available for Mac users experiencing problems with the Sims 3. This hasn’t been released as a normal patch through the Launcher but as an update to Origin. They haven’t confirmed exactly what it fixes, only that it should “help with compatibility and stability issues”. Hopefully this means that all those with post-2013 Macs who have graphics cards which are not supported will now be able to play. The affected Macs are all listed here together with the workaround that some have managed to get working (hopefully that workaround won’t be necessary now).

The Origin update can be found here –

Download it and give it a go. It may be a good idea to run the Origin reset tool first before you install it, I did. Bear in mind that this download is not the one you get if you download from the Origin website, this is a specific one that EA have released and provided the link for over at AHQ. After using it your Origin version should be My game certainly seems to be launching more quickly and quitting instantly rather than taking its time as it did before when I clicked on Quit Game. If you’re using the disc version of the game you will need to start running the digital version from Origin in order for this update to take effect. Full instructions here on how to do this (but you need to download Origin from the above link, not the one in the help page!).

Please, please, please take the time to post on the thread over on the official forums here, over on the stickied thread in the Mac section of AHQ here, or leave me a comment below. All feedback is really useful, good or bad.

This update is long overdue, I really hope it helps those who haven’t managed to play their games in years.


30 thoughts on “New Sims 3 update for Mac users

  1. Hello. Why has there been no mention of the “Sims 3 EP codes not showing up in Origin, cannot install” thread on your blog? EA_Tom recently mentioned “The fix for this issue has gone live a while ago.” Despite this fix, the product codes for Sims 3 expansion packs still remain unobtainable. The field is still being seen as blank. I have even tried using the Reset Origin Tool with no success. Please inform us (Mac users) of any updates or fixes. Thank you.


    1. I don’t work or have any affiliation with EA, this site is my own. I only tend to draw attention to game breaking bugs because otherwise I would be writing 24/7 given the amount of issues in both Sims 3 and Sims 4 for Mac users. The missing product codes isn’t a game breaker, you can contact customer support and they will give you your product codes.


  2. im so sorry if you have already answered this somewhere but, when i click your link to download the origin update (– it goes into my top right corner in the downloads bit, then when i go Finder – Downloads – and click on the file origin.dmg it opens up a little box with an origin button and an arrow and an applications button. clicking on the origin just simply opens origin up, clicking on the applications sends me into applications, is this supposed to happen? my origin is still saying Version – 411502 so i wondered if once Origin.dmg is downloaded onto my laptop i then have to find a way to begin to download it? i have already run the origin reset tool. i have the origin version of the sims 3

    also, are we supposed to use this after we have edited the coding in GraphicsCards.sgr and Graphics RulesSgr to say IntelHD6000 or should it be the stock GraphicsCards.sgr and Graphics RulesSgr as it is when you download it?

    I’m trying to get this fixed as i seem to have one of the mac books that people are having most problems with and haven’t had much luck
    thanks in advance and thanks for putting so much effort into helping us!


    1. You drag and drop the Origin app into the Applications folder in that window. You should be prompted to replace the existing installation. I would clean uninstall and reinstall the game.


  3. I updated my origin and then I uninstalled and reinstalled the Sims 3 base game. It still won’t work for me and I still get stuck at the blue screen with the plumbob


  4. i have os x yosemite macbook air early 2015 with intel hd graphics card and 2.2ghz intel core i7, i just completely clean uninstalled origin, reinstalled the special version you mention above, reinstalled the sims 3 then added the 1.7 digital super patch, then restarted my computer and when i turned it on again tried to play the sims 3 both from the sims 3 launcher itself and through origin, the sims 3 launcher triggered the ‘cannot start the process when the game is running please try again, and the same message when i tried through origin, then it says ‘the sims 3 quit unexpectedly’

    does this mean it doesn’t appear to be working on this specific mac, has anyone actually managed to play just the base game on a early 2015 mac book air yet?


  5. I’m going to try that now, also people keep talking about in game graphics and resolutions, is there a way i can edit them without actually going into the game because obviously i can’t just yet? do you need to edit the graphics the game is set on to reduce them to help it play and start up, or should just the manual graphics fix file help? thank you!!


    1. There are instructions in the link I posted about in game resolutions. You can also drag the Options.ini file from Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 to the desktop, the game will attempt to recreate a new one.


  6. ahh i tried, i did the manual graphics fix exactly as the instructions said and now it is saying ‘cannot start the process when the game is running please quit and try again’ its strange as i have the exact same mac as wendyp7 and followed through what she did it just doesn’t work on mine


  7. yeah i added the broad well line, i only have the base game i don’t have any expansions, is there anything else you can think of that could work? maybe removing the launcher opening upon start up and going directly to the game? though i tried that before and it didn’t make a difference


  8. Hi! I recently just uninstalled my sims 3 use a Mac book pro with retina for it crashes a lot. Before it used to work without any disc and now that I installed it once more, it says that I should insert the disc before playing? what can I do to make it work again? I really wanna play so bad huhu I also uninstalled all my EPs


  9. After MONTHS of trying on and off to get TS3 to work on my 2014 Macbook Pro after following the instructions here I just loaded the game up! Now fingers, toes, and eyes crossed that it will keep running with CC added! I am beyond excited to play!!!! Thank you so very much to Bluebelleflora!
    My tips:
    Follow all the directions here exactly.
    Update your Mac to OS X El Captain


  10. It still doesn’t work. I’m so angry and sad right now, I have never even played the game… I payed for it, tried to play it and it didn’t work. I’ve followed the instructions here on your blog I don’t know how many times, re-doing it again and again, and it still doesn’t work. It’s a shame. BUt thank you so much for trying to help everyone out there, you’re awesome!


    1. 😦 I really feel for those of you not being able to play because of EA’s reluctance to support the game, especially as they were still patching the game and supporting it when Apple started using the Intel Iris cards. And Sims 4 really is lacking so much.


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