The Sims official games forum gets spammed – for 8 hours

Hello? Is there anyone there?

The Sims official games forums are being mercilessly spammed at the moment by some lovely Korean bots by the look of it. It started at 11:21am, GMT, and has continued throughout the day:


The last one is showing as 6:58pm, GMT:


There’s nearly 23 pages of this stuff. Do they not have anyone monitoring the forums at the weekend? Do they realise that the whole world is not in the same time zone as Redwood City? Did they all sleep through their alarms? Has everyone lost their keys to the office?

Because it looks like complete and utter fail from where I am.


One thought on “The Sims official games forum gets spammed – for 8 hours

  1. OMG! And I’ve been trying to get an answer from EA about a stupid message that keeps popping up when I’m in-game with TS3 which says I have to register my game (that’s been registered via Origin from the off). No reply. Naturally. I was going to pop over to the forum, but as the bots seem to be in charge of the asylum, I think I’ll wait a day or two!


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