Toddlers are plum

Because now people are speculating about toddlers not being added into the game. And the General Discussion forum has truly become a cesspit of tediousness. And don’t bother commenting with a “if they added them people wouldn’t talk about them so much”. You know what you’re getting when you buy the game. Either play it or go back to Sims 3.

With love,

Bluebell x


The Sims official games forum gets spammed – for 8 hours

Hello? Is there anyone there?

The Sims official games forums are being mercilessly spammed at the moment by some lovely Korean bots by the look of it. It started at 11:21am, GMT, and has continued throughout the day:


The last one is showing as 6:58pm, GMT:


There’s nearly 23 pages of this stuff. Do they not have anyone monitoring the forums at the weekend? Do they realise that the whole world is not in the same time zone as Redwood City? Did they all sleep through their alarms? Has everyone lost their keys to the office?

Because it looks like complete and utter fail from where I am.

64-bit Sims 4 coming to a PC near you. This is more important than toddlers people.

Yep, in the December patch all you Windows users on supported machines will be able to finally play The Sims 4 in shiny new 64-bit. This means that when you’re playing in your heavily populated town which has mega mansions on all lots and families of at least 55 people living in each bedroom, your game shouldn’t, in theory, crash.

If you currently only have 4GB RAM in your 64 bit PC, now is the time to upgrade as you really won’t notice a difference otherwise.

This is way more important than toddlers. You want to know why? Because as the years go on and EA release more Expansion, Game and Stuff Packs and you download them eagerly, your game will gradually slow down and buckle under all the memory needed for all your little Simmies to fly to the moon, have a poo, go swimming, woohoo in the garden etc. etc. But with access to more RAM, your game will fly.

In other breaking news, EA have announced that the patch will also include an update which automatically disables Mods when the game updates. That will be helpful to all you stupid people who never move your Mods out before updating then wonder why your game doesn’t work. Yes, I’m also stupid as I sometimes forget to move them out too 😀