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New Sims 4 build – The Green House


A lovely little house set amongst lush planting, on all levels, and surrounded by water. As always no CC, fully play tested, and I didn’t even use MOO for this build so no problem when placing it.

Download Link – https://www.thesims.com/en_GB/gallery/161C7DEB786111E6819CDAF5836096B7

Delete all the bloated Gallery cache files in Sims 4 instantly

You know all those annoying little thumbnail images that clog up your caches folder and really don’t do very much? They’re automatically downloaded every time you browse the Gallery. You can trash them all manually without any harm to your game or you can tell your Mac to automatically delete them as soon as they appear, like this:

Handy huh? I’ve written a guide on how to set this up on your Mac here. Why spend time doing it yourself when your Mac can happily do it all for you?


sun room collage

Making a sun room

For so long I’ve been wanting to build a sun room in the Sims 4 using the glass roof awning from Get Together. It can be found in Decorations > Sculpture:

Sun awning

And over the last couple of days I’ve finally got round to it. It’s not perfect, the roof edges are a little lower than the lowest wall height, but with some trims and fencing it’s fairly easy to cover up the dodgy looking bits. And it’s fully functional too!

Click on the image to see a bigger version:


sun room


side view