The Sims 3 and NVIDIA issue – celebrating a year of no fixes

This glitch is so damn annoying and it’s been around since Seasons came out. It affects all Mac users who have NVIDIA graphics in their Macs and only happens in Autumn/Fall and Winter. Spring and Summer are fine. Of course EA have chosen to ignore it. I started this thread pretty much as soon as Seasons was released. Sweet FA has happened. All EA ever do on the Mac forum is delete and move threads, god forbid they would actually try and help.


I’ve just Tweeted SimGuruGraham. I’m not holding my breath for a response.



3 thoughts on “The Sims 3 and NVIDIA issue – celebrating a year of no fixes

  1. I think we can safely say that EA thinks that sims 3 on a mac was just a SAFU and are forgetting about it and hoping everyone forgets about because sims 4 is releasing. Problem is, we can’t forget about the mistakes they made with sims 3…..


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