Archipelago Bay

Coming very soon, Archipelago Bay is a world without roads or paths. And very few Lots:

  • 16 x Residential
  • 9 x Commercial
  • 1 x Port
  • 1 x Diving Lot

I’m not building any Lots (apart from the dive spot) for this world. It’s so small that it’s better if the player adds their own as there won’t be enough room for all types.

I’m just finishing up spawners and routing then I’ll test it before uploading 🙂

Archipelago Bay


4 thoughts on “Archipelago Bay

  1. LOL.. hooray! It seems every world I love these days requires ShitTime, and I don’t have it. I still refuse to buy it because I still stick to my principles that social networking garbage and so-called rubbish online features do not belong in Sims games, and I wont reinforce EA’s stupid decision to revolve an EP around it by paying them for it.


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