Sometimes this game looks so real

This bathroom was inspired by a gorgeous picture I saw on Pinterest.

Rustic Sink


Brick Bathroom


Still very much a WiP but the basic house is finished 🙂


9 thoughts on “Sometimes this game looks so real

  1. Went back to sims 3 because there is just to much I miss about it and that’s not in sims 4. So, I’m making this outdoor bathroom and was looking for rustic sink ideas and I came across this. I used this perfect rustic cc dining table I have in my game and I made it work with the sink on top. I just gently while holding down thew alt key slid the table a bit into the wall. Voila my sim can use the sink and it still looks awesome. Depending on the table it may come out a bit on the other side of the wall. I have the kitchen there so counters cover that up. Thank you so much BluebellFlora for the idea.


          1. Wow, that looks so cool! Love the colours and placement. I have a real thing for outdoor bathrooms in the game ❤ That sink unit looks really fantastic


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