I’m listing some of the most common bugs I come across on the Mac forums at AHQ and the officials here. It’s not an exhaustive list, just a list that I can add to as and when I see enough posts of the same thing. If you’re looking for help and advice on bugs in general the first place you should go to is Crinrict’s website. Her site is the most comprehensive catalogue of Sims 3 and Sims 4 bugs anywhere online and she is constantly updating it. She is basically mecca for bugs. Go here for Sims 3 and here for Sims 4.

I always blog about game breaking bugs because they’re more important than the little annoying ones which may affect playing the game but don’t actually make it unplayable. It’s frustrating when your Sim doesn’t do what you want them to but spare a thought for those whose games are completely unplayable simply because EA haven’t fixed a graphics problem. They’re the bugs that need addressing urgently.

Click here for Sims 3 Mac bugs: ts3-work bugs

Click here for Sims 4 Mac bugs: ts4-work bugs