2015 15″ MacBook Pro with AMD Radeon R9 M370X

Only applicable to the original 32-bit version of the Sims 3

Update – 30th August 2015

After a lot of testing by some wonderful members of the community we have finally managed to fix the graphics issue so all the affected Macs can now play the game. Please read this guide for instructions. Good luck!

The mid 2015 15″ MacBook Pro with AMD Radeon R9 M370X dedicated graphics is not supported in The Sims 3. This isn’t really very surprising given that this Mac was released 6 months after the final patch, 1.67, and 18 months after the final Expansion Pack, Into the Future.

However, thanks to the11thmoon over on the official forums trying out various options, you can get your game working if you have this MacBook Pro. You need to edit the GraphicsCards.sgr file, adding in your card. Firstly, follow tmethei’s excellent instructions on how to navigate to the GraphicsCards.sgr file and making a back up, in case things go wrong. Next, copy exactly what the11thmoon has done to the file. And that’s it! It’s worth reading that last linked thread in its entirety as the11thmoon has detailed in various posts how they managed to fix this issue.

Good luck!

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