Editing the Sims 4 camera files on a Mac

This isn’t something I’ve ever wanted to do but I see quite a few posts about it on the Mac forums so I thought I’d create a quick guide on accessing the relevant camera files in OS X, specifically the VideoCamera.ini file. To get to the camera files do the following:

  1. Right click (or CTRL and click) on the Sims 4 in your Applications folder and select Show Package Contents.
  2. Navigate to Contents > res
  3. You will now see the camera files: res folder
  4. You can open and edit them using TextEdit or you can download and install TextWrangler from the App Store. It’s free and makes reading and editing the ini files a lot easier.

I found this page which seems useful in explaining the values you can enter but I have also been warned that the camera files are pretty buggy so editing them is at your own risk 🙂


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