Peculiar Place – A new little world

Peculiar Place is a 512×512 map with 20 Residential Lots and 13 Commercial Lots. It is unpopulated.

The Rabbitholes are from Pets and Town Life and all fully tested. The Firestation lot is empty and is 20×20, perfect for Yoteamos’s Community Fire House which you can download here. My Bayou Cabin is placed opposite the school and stadium, next to the criminal hideout. All other residential lots are empty apart from an isolated beach lot which is built but not furnished.

All the residential lots are either 10×10 or 15×10 with the exception of one 20×20 for my Breezy Boudoir.

Community Lots:

  • Academy
  • Nectary
  • Junkyard


  • Pets EP Darris Teeter Grocery & Koffi Cafe (Supermarket & Diner)
  • Pets EP Civic Center (City Hall, Military Base & Police Station)
  • Pets EP Crestview School & Stadium (School & Stadium)
  • Pets EP Hueber Associates & Kim Gould’s Steakhouse (office Building & Bistro)
  • Pets EP Wolfson’s Hospital & Research Facility (Hospital & Science Lab)
  • Pets EP Wall’s Book ‘n Bath LLC (Bookstore & Spa)
  • Town Life SP Scrumptious Nibbles Cafe (Bistro)
  • Pets EP Darris Teeter Art Theater (Theatre)
  • Pets EP Rustler’s Den (Criminal Hideout)

There is no graveyard, library or art studio but they could be built on a converted residential lot.

EP objects used:

  • World Adventures
  • Ambitions
  • Late Night
  • Generations
  • Pets

The whole world is fully play tested and all routing rebuilt, trees clustered, non-routable terrain painted BUT I forgot to name the lots and venues 😦 They can be easily named in game though.

Here are some piccies:


19 thoughts on “Peculiar Place – A new little world

  1. Oh, that looks so pretty, Bluebell 🙂 A DRF from me, I shall open my game shortly and explore it. I still don’t have Pets, but I have found that’s not a problem, just have to replace the rabbitholes. And I already have Yote’s excellent fire station in my game. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Huzzah! Perfectamundo, finally the perfect retreat for my simmies is here. So glad you endured the pain of CAW on your Mac and finished it. Your hard work is appreciated and the world was much anticipated ❤


  3. About CAW worlds and EP’s, I think the problem is mostly with WA as that came with bridges and other CAW items. So if you don’t have that, you’ll have problems installing WA worlds. If it’s just rabbit holes, it’s fine. I’m playing Richdre’s Riverview Redux atm and that also has Pets rabbit holes, I replaced them and no problems – plays like a dream 😀


  4. Oh, I have WA – so no problem there 😀 I meant for someone who doesn’t have WA, installing worlds with WA bridges etc. might not work. Pets is the only EP I don’t have.


  5. Yay, lovely new world! Am looking forward to trying this out. I don’t have Generations but I do have all the others so I’m not anticipating any problems. It looks really great, Bluebell!


  6. I would like to jump through my computer into your worlds, but I’d probably give myself a major headache and a shattered monitor in the process 😉

    You’re really good at worlds, Bluebell – if EA saw any of your worlds, their worlds would probably explode in shame because yours are way better than EA worlds. Either that or the EA worlds would act like rabid wolves dancing on carrots. (Wait, where the heck did I think that up?)


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