New build – WiP

Bluebell Flora is currently vacationing in Champs Les Sims lots because she’d like to build a house there. Meanwhile, by selling the crap that she’s excavating while she’s there, she’s managed to start building a dinky farmhouse of sorts in BlueBay Retreat:

When it’s finished I’ll kick her out and upload it to the Exchange. It’s been ages since I uploaded a house.

I played around with the above image in Snapseed too. It’s my favourite App right now and I’m constantly playing with it either on my Mac or iPhone:


6 thoughts on “New build – WiP

  1. Wow, that house looks gorgeous – I’d love to live in it, Bluebell 😀 But it would be a better idea to live in it when it’s finished so you don’t have a ton of construction around you 😆

    Snapseed made the house look beyond amazing, I would love to have a lighting of that sort in-game, lol! It’s really cool what graphics editors can do when you figure them out 😉


  2. Would be very pleased to take my cuppa and jaffa cakes up to that upper balcony, sit back and admire the view. Looks great!


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