Zinda comes to the Mac – get image changing!

itsaprilXD posted the following AMAZING news in the Mac forum:

We’ve had Postal for a while so we can change lot images for uploading to the Exchange but the only way us Mac users could change our Sims images, apart from doing it on a PC, was using Mono which involved doing stuff in Terminal which is always a bit scary. But here it is, Zinda’s Image Changer for the Mac. Zinda, we LOVE you 😀 You’ve just made it all a little bit easier for those of us on Macs, something EA have never even attempted – THANK YOU!

Link to Zinda – http://www.zindasgoldensims.com/

Just scroll down to the bottom for the download link.


One thought on “Zinda comes to the Mac – get image changing!

  1. Wow, this is a great tool! I don’t suppose that it’s possible to change the images on things that are already uploaded into the Exchange is it, not without re-uploading them. Still, this is cool and it’s so nice that Zinda remembered Mac users. Thank you Zinda!


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