How to access the world objects in Sims 4

The July 2019 patch opened up every single environment object to us and I could not be happier! Accessing the objects is very simple. I uploaded a short video showing how to do it, written instructions are below the video:

  1. Bring up the cheat box by holding down CTRL, Shift and C
  2. Type in bb.showliveeditobjects and hit Enter/Return
  3. Click on the search box in the bottom left so your cursor shows but do not type anything. Hit Enter/Return
  4. The catalogue will change to Show All. Scroll down to the bottom then slowly back up to see all the world objects.

You DO NOT need to enter any other cheats. No need for the testingcheats and bb.showhiddenobjects cheats or any others (apart from bb.moveobjects on, that one is always necessary 🙂 ).

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